22 - 25 June 2010
Russia, Saint Petersburg

State Research Center of the Russian Federation - Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC
30, Malaya Posadskaya St., St. Petersburg, 197046, Russia      Tel: +7 (812) 499 81 18, +7 (812) 499 82 10, +7 (812) 499 81 57
Fax: +7 (812) 232 33 76, E-mail: tgsmm2010@eprib.ru       URL: http://www.elektropribor.spb.ru/cnf/tg-smm2010/enfrset.html
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Symposium topics include:
  • instrumentation and methods for absolute and relative measurement of gravity fields, static and mobile measurements and their application to shipborne, airborne platforms (planes, helicopters, airships) and other mobile platforms;
  • absolute ballistic gravimeters (including those based on the use of cold atoms), relative gravimeters of all types including superconducting gravimeters;
  • gravity gradiometers;
  • new results of measurement of gravity networks and the coverage of new regions;
  • metrology issues in gravimetry, the results of the comparisons of absolute gravimeters, application of gravity measurements in metrology;
  • standardization and databases of absolute measurements of the gravity field;
  • gravitational experiments.

    The following topics are especially welcome for presentation at the Symposium:
  • new technologies and applications of gravity measurements such as planetary absolute and relative gravimetry;
  • links between satellite and terrestrial or planetary gravity measurements;
  • possible applications of terrestrial gravimetry in combination with GPS/GLONASS technologies;
  • gravimetry applications in navigation.

    The Symposium languages are English and Russian.
    Simultaneous interpretation will be provided from Russian into English and from English into Russian.
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