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The present-day marine magnetic compasses
(in Russian)

138 p.
Saint-Petersburg, CSRI "Elektropribor"

The book considers the state-of-the-art in the development of marine magnetic compasses in Russia and some foreign countries.

Design, block diagrams, performance data of the present-day compasses and international requirements to their installation on a ship are given.

The section describing the methods of analysis used in designing the main units and parts of compasses, as well as international requirements to their performance data is meant for compass designers. The most important features of the theory of deviation and the methods of its compensation are briefly outlined.

The book may be of interest to ship designers, shipbuilders, navigators, teachers, cadets and students of naval schools.

References: 18. Fig.39. Tab. 9.



Chapter 1. Pointer magnetic compasses

1.1. The theory fundamentals and the methods of analysis used in designing the main units and parts of compasses
1.2. The requirements to placement of pointer magnetic compasses on ships
1.3. A steering compass Guls for small nonmagnetic vessels
1.4. A steering compass KMS100 for small vessels
1.5. A navigating or steering compass KM11
1.6. A steering compass KMS160 for vessels of average and large displacement
1.7. A compass KM145-S for vessels of big displacement
1.8. Foreign compasses
1.9. Trouble-shooting
1.10. Servicing. Deviation operations

Chapter 2. Induction compasses

2.1. The theory fundamentals and block diagrams of compasses
2.2. The requirements to placement of induction compasses on ships
2.3. A steering compass Avral
2.4. A steering compass Gorizont (DS-83)
2.5. Foreign compasses
2.6. Servicing. Deviation operations

Chapter 3. Deviation of magnetic compasses

3.1. Poisson equations and their transformation
3.2. Semicircular deviation and its compensation
3.3. Heeling deviation
3.4. Intercardinal deviation
3.5. Electromagnetic deviation
3.6. Residual error
3.7. Allowance for angle of inclination

Appendix 1. Reference data on compasses

Appendix 2. The main requirements of normative documents

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