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A.G.Scherbak, V.G.Kedrov
Technology of precision diffusion welding in precise instrument engineering

166 p.
Saint-Petersburg, CSRI "Elektropribor", 1997
ISBN 5-900780-14-7

The principles and methodology are stated for the systems engineering of precision vacuum diffusion welding as a process component for developing objects of new technology. The technical solutions obtained on this basis are described, including techniques, methods, equipment facilities and algorithms for the welding technology design.

The book is intended for engineers and scientists engaged in precise instrument engineering.


Introduction 3
Chapter 1. Precision vacuum diffusion welding as a means forrealization of permanent assemblies of precise instrument engineering joints (PIEJ) 7
1.1. Permanent assemblies in PIEJ -
1.2. Characteristics and features of construction materials 12
1.3. Welding features of materials used in PIEJ 18
1.4. Block diagram for solving problems of precision vacuum diffusion welding (PVDW) 27
Chapter 2. PVDW technology design 34
2.1. System of problem solution models for developing PVDW technology -
2.2. Multilevel iterative method for precision welding process development 50
2.3. Information-logical model for PVDW technology designing 58
Chapter 3. Theory and technological fundamentals for PVDW process 68
3.1. Investigation of control principles for PVDW thermomechanical parameters and factors 69
3.2. Development of PVDW process with regulated load of external drive and under thermal tightness pressure 74
3.3. Development of initial conditions and estimation criteria for assembly formation possibility 87
3.4. Software and design procedure for process of wire intermediate layers formation 97
Chapter 4. PVDW process equipment facilities 107
4.1. Set for diffusion welding with local electron-beam heating 108
4.2. Set for multiposition PVDW of elements on parts of rotation body form 110
4.3. Welding module with combined pressure 113
4.4. Set for multiposition PVDW with thermal tightness pressure 115
4.5. PVDW module for thin-walled hemispherical shells 117
Chapter 5. Technology development and practical PVDW realization when producing joints for precise instrument engineering 120
5.1. Assembly units of gyro devices -
  5.1.1. Beryllium rotors of electrostatic gyro -
  5.1.2. Metal-ceramic joints of sensor gyrohousing 141
  5.1.3. Joints and elements for spherical gyro with gas aerodynamic suspension, floated gyro and gravimeter core 153
5.2. Products of ionizing radiation technique154
5.3. Joints with long-length capillary channels for products of analytical instrument engineering 157
Conclusion 159
References 160

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