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S.P.Dmitriev, A.E.Pelevin
Guidance and Control Problems of Marine Vehicle Track-Keeping

160 p.
© S.P.Dmitriev, A.E.Pelevin, 2002
S.Petersburg, SRC of Russia - CSRI Elektropribor, 2002 (in Russian)
ISBN 5-900780-36-8.

The book deals with the problem of optimal ship stabilization on a trajectory under the effect of stochastic disturbances with the state vector measured either not fully or in error. Particular attention has been given to:
- substantiation of the possibility to use a suboptimal law in controlling a nonlinear object;
- allowance made for uncertainty of ship model parameters and disturbances using the control law, identification and state vector estimation;
- study of optimal methods for processing navigation information with consideration for dynamic features of the control object;
- definition of the requirements to the accuracy of navigation data sensors based on the analysis of ship motion control efficiency.
The book is intended for scientists, engineers and technicians engaged in navigation and motion control, as well as for teachers training postgraduates and high-school students in these subjects.

Bibliography: 175 references. 8 illustrations.


Introduction. 3
Chapter 1. Problem Statement of Marine Vehicle Track-Keeping8
 1.1. Methods of Control Optimization-
 1.2. Track-Keeping of a Ship in the Modern Navigation Systems20
 1.3. Equations of Ship Motion 24
 1.4. Environmental Disturbances 27
 1.5. Error Models for Navigation Data Sensors30
 1.6. Main Problems of Track-Keeping 32
Chapter 2. Reasoning of Linear Quadratic Approach for Nonlinear Ship Model37
 2.1. Performance Index of Track-Keeping -
 2.2. Lower and Upper Boundary Estimation of Performance Index Value   Under Stochastic Disturbances46
 2.3. Reasoning of an Opportunity to Use the Linear Quadratic Approach54
Chapter 3. Robust Control and Guaranteeing Filtering under Uncertainty Parameters   Model of State Vector 58
 3.1. Problem statement -
 3.2. Control Law with the Reduced Sensitivity to   the Model Parameters Uncertainty62
 3.3. Guaranteeing Control Law under Model Parameters Interval Uncertainty70
 3.4. Robust Track-Keeping 76
 3.5. Guaranteeing Linear Filtering under Model Parameters Uncertainty   of State Vector 80
Chapter 4. Identification of Ship Model by Multialternative Filtering Technique   and Adaptation of Control95
 4.1. Identification Methods of the Vehicle Model -
 4.2. Identification of the Vehicle Model Based on Multialternative Filtering Technique101
 4.3. Method of Base Models Construction in the Area of Vehicle Parameter Uncertainty and Disturbances   for Economical Identification105
Chapter 5. Integration of Inertial and Satellite Navigation Systems 113
 5.1. Data Processing Algorithms in Integrated Navigation Systems114
 5.2. Problem of Navigation Parameters Estimation at Noninvariant Processing of INS/SNS System Data118
 5.3. Selection of INS Type for Track-Keeping128
Appendix A146
Appendix B153

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