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  Gravity-inertial technologies in geophysics
(Collected articles and papers, 199 pages) (in Russian)
Under the editorship of  V.G.Peshekhonov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Author - G.B.Volfson, Doctor of Sciences
Saint-Petersburg, CSRI "Elektropribor", 2002
ISBN 5-900780-40-6

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The digest contains papers devoted to gravity-inertial technologies applied to geophysical instrument-making.
Theoretical problems, technical issues, and experience in development and practical use of geophysical equipment in gravimetry, gravity gradiometry and inclinometry of mining holes are considered.
The digest includes four articles from journal "Gyroscopy and Navigation" (1999, 2000, and 2001), two articles from journal "Geophysical equipment" (1999), article from journal "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences" (1996), three papers presented at the 9th St.Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (2002), and 8 papers prepared specially for the present edition.
The digest is meant for the specialists involved in development of geophysical equipment, engineers, teachers of higher education institutions, post-graduate students, and students.


Foreword 5

L.K. Zheleznyak, V.N. Koneshov
Up-to-date methods for studying gravity field of the World ocean
L.K. Zheleznyak
The Russian marine gravimetric system
A.V. Sokolov, S.V. Usov, L.S. Elinson
Gravity survey in conditions of marine seismic work
B.A. Blazhnov, L.P. Nesenjuk, V.G. Peshekhonov, A.V. Sokolov, L.S. Elinson, L.K. Zheleznyak
An integrated mobile gravimetric system. Development and test results
V.N. Ilyin, Yu.L. Smoller, S.Sh. Yurist
A mobile ground-based gravity meter. Development and test results
V.N. Berzhitzky , V.N. Ilyin , E.B.Saveliev, Y.L. Smoller, Yu.V. Bolotin, A.A.Golovan, N.A.Parusnikov, G.V. Popov, M.V. Chichinadze
GT-1A inertial gravimeter system design experience and results of flight tests
O.A. Stepanov, B.A. Blazhnov, D.A. Koshaev
The efficiency of using velocity and coordinate satellite measurements in determining gravity aboard an aircraft
Yu.I. Nikolsky
Problems of reduction in high-accuracy gravity measurements in geodesy and geology

Gravity gradiometry

G.B. Volfson
State and prospects of gravity gradiometry development
A.B. Manukin
Design of a measuring system for a highly sensitive gravity gradiometer using vertical pendulums
M.S. Petrovskaya, G.B. Volfson
Construction of geopotential models by the satellite gradiometry data
V.G. Peshekhonov, G.B. Volfson
Problem solution for design of a gravity variometer operating on a moving base
G.B. Volfson, M.I. Evstifeev, V.G. Rozentsvein, M.P. Semenova, Yu.I. Nikolsky, E.V. Rokotyan, S.F. Bezrukov
A new generation of gravity variometers for geophysical investigations

 Borehole navigation

A.A. Molchanov, G.S. Abramov
Navigation in investigation of underground space in searching, exploring and developing mineral deposits
V.G. Rozentsvein
State of the art of borehole gyroscopic navigation systems
E.V. Freiman, S.V. Krivosheyev, V.V. Losev
Peculiarities of attitude algorithm construction for gyroscopic inclinometers based on a single-axis gyrostabilizer
N.P. Rogatykh
Methodical aspects of inclinometer design
V.M. Suminov, D.V. Galkin, A.A. Maslov
A mathematical error model of a gyro inclinometer
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