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  Yu.A. Gollandtsev
AC electronic inductor JET motors
St. Petersburg: SRC of Russia - CSRI "Elektropribor". 2003. - p.148

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© SRC of Russia - CSRI "Elektropribor". 2003.
© Yu.A. Gollandtsev. 2003.
ISBN 5-900780-44-9

AC Electronic Inductor Jet Motors also known as Switched Reluctance Motors (SRM) are considered. Production-friendly construction of motor, simple diagram of valve switch, rotor sensor, potentialities of microprocessor current rise determine SRM choice for modern automatic control systems. SRM competitiveness is provided with specific configuration of tooth area and increased electromagnetic load values for starting conditions.
Different kinds of SRM embodiment are analyzed, tooth area parameters are systematized, analytic expressions for motor electromagnetic torque are obtained. Equations for magnetic field and ponderomotive forces are considered as well as features of magnetic field simulation in SRM. Motor starting moment ripples are examined. Differential equations of electromagnetic and electromechanical processes are presented for SRM transient and steady modes. Motor design procedure is stated. Block diagrams of valve switches, ways of control signals generation and composition of microprocessor control system software are given.

The book is intended for the specialists involved in designing of electric motors and automatic control systems as well as students and post-graduates acquiring the same profession.

Bibliograph.: 123, Illustr.39.
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