1.    Navigation complexes
2.    Inertial navigation and stabilization systems
  • Inertial navigation and stabilization system Ladoga-ME
3.    Miniature integrated inertial navigation systems
3.1.  based on fiber-optic gyros (FOG):
  • Miniature inertial/satellite navigation and orientation system Mininavigation-1
  • Stabilizer gyrocompass Omega new!
  • Miniature gyroscopic stabilization system Bekar-E new!
3.2.  based on micromechanical gyros (MMG):
  • Strapdown inertial navigation system SINS new!
  • Ship turn indicator Berezina new!
  • Strapdown inertial measurement unit IMU new!
4.    Integrated automated navigation systems
  • Integrated automated navigation system SOZVEZDIEnew!
5.    Navigation devices
5.1.  Shipborne speed and depth meters
5.2.  Magnetic compasses
6.    Navigation control simulators
7.    Electronic chart display information systems
8.    System for preflight training and safe helicopter landing on a ship's deck
  • The system for preflight training of the onboard helicopter navigation system
  • The system for determination of helicopter heading and alignment of its onboard navigation system during flight preparation
  • The light warning equipment control system for helicopter landing on the ship's deck
9.    Periscopes and optronic masts
10.    Automated Shipborne radio communication complexes and equipment new!
  • Communication complex Distancia-E
  • Integrated Shipborne Communication and Broadcasting Complex P-409
  • Trailing towed array device K-697E
  • Equipment for shipborne self-powered telephone communication BTS
  • Shipborne automatic digital telephone exchange P-443E new!
  • Floating information assemblies for submarines:
    • Sea radio buoy for transmitting messages from a submerged submarine to surface ships, airplanes and helicopters
    • COSPAS-SARSAT floating emergency information assembly for submarines V-603-E
11.  Equipment for hydrographic survey
  • Mobile aeromarine gravimeter Chekan-AM
  • Multi-purpose bottomhole remote sensing system UZTS-90
12.  Equipment for spacecrafts
13.  Micromechanical gyros
14.  Elements of precision electric drives and digital gearless servo systems (in Russian)
Last updated August 10, 2012