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List of the materials published in the journal in 2004

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Alechetchkine A.M., Ivanov P.N., Kokorine V.I., Yanovski A.I. The High-Precision Radio-Navigation System for the Sea Users
2       5
2       12
Berenov N.K., Branets V.N., Evdokimov S.N., Klimanov S.I., Komarova L.I., Mikrin E.A., Ryzhkov V.S., Samitov R.M. Soyuz-TMA Space Vehicle Descent Control System
3       5
3       13
Binder Ya.I., Paderina T.V. Strapdown gyroinclinometer with main axis of two-dimensional angular rate sensor oriented in the cross section hole surface
1       5
1       15
Binder Ya.I., Emeliantsev G.I. Bearing drift estimation method for the strapdown inertial measurement unit in conditions of vehicle maneuvering
2       93
2       100
Bogdanov M.B., Saveliev V.V. Influence of the angular velocity transducer non-identity on the accuracy of strapdown position control system
2       100
2       105
Brown A. K. The Results of a GPS/Inertial Navigation System Using a Low Cost MEMS IMU
4       26
4       35
Bylinkin S.F., Leschev V.V., Losev V.V., Zotov S.A., Ivanov Yu.V., Raspopov V.Ya. Accelerometer Series AT. Condition and Prospects of Development
1       97
1       106
Dmitriev S.P., Kolesov N.V., Osipov A.V. Testing and diagnostics of informational abnormalities in navigation systems by methods of multiple-choice filtering
1       119
1       125
Dzhashitov V.E., Pankratov V.M., Pylaev Yu.K., Gubanov A.G. Mathematical simulation of three-dimensional nonuniform nonstationary temperature fields for electronic boards and multifunctional programmable controllers of spacecraft orientation systems
2       68
2       80
Evstifeev M.I. Problems of calculation and design for micromechanical gyroscopes
1       27
1       39
Evstifeev M.I. Graded features of micromechanical gyroscope structures
3       30
3       37
Flinsenberg I. Using Turn Restrictions for Faster Route Planning with Partitioned Road Networks
2       55
2       67
Gusinsky V.Z., Parfenov O.I. Active damping of ESG rotor nutation oscillations with dry friction
3       48
3       53
Jeanroy A., Featonby P., Caron J.-M. Low-Cost Miniature and Accurate IMU with Vibrating Sensors for Tactical Applications
1       58
1       68
Kechine M. O., Tiberius C.C. J. M, Marel H. van der. Real-Time Kinematic Positioning with NASA's Internet-Based Global Differential GPS (IGDG)
4       12
4       25
Konovalov S.F., Kuleshov A.V., Nossov N.A., Podtchezertsev V.P., Fateev V.V., Frolov E.N., Kwon K.B., Nam S.W. Vibrating Angular Rate Sensor
1       107
1       118
Korkishko Yu.N., Fedorov V.A., Prilutsky V.E., Ponomarev V.G., Fenuk M.A, Marchuk V.G., Kostritsky S.M., Paderin E.M. High-precision fiber-optical gyroscope with linear digital output
1       69
1       82
Kostousov V.B., Kostousov A.V., Onuchin I.G. Simulation of Moving Objects Guidance by Radar Images
2       37
2       48
Mezentsev O., Collin J., Kuusniemi H., Lachapelle G. Accuracy Assessment of a High Sensitivity GPS Based Pedestrian Navigation System Aided by Low-Cost Sensors
4       49
4       64
Mikerov A.G., Samohvalov D.V. Digital Correction of Static Characteristics for Actuating AC Electronic Motors
1       126
1       131
Mittnacht M., Gottzein E., Hartrampf M., Konrad A., Vasilyev M. Real-Time Test Environment for a Space-Borne Attitude and Orbit Determination System for Earth Artificial satellites
2       25
2       37
Narver V.N., Prihodko V.D., Stotyka V.I. Fiber optic angular pickup for the gradiometer sensor
2       106
2       110
Paturel Y., Willemenot E., Urgell A. FOG Technology and FOG-Based Systems: An Industrial Reality at IXSEA
3       53
3       61
Prilutsky V.., Ponomarev V.G., Marchuk V.G., Fenyuk M.A., Korkishko Yu.N., Fedorov V.., Kostritsky S. M., Paderin . ., Zuev A. I. Interferometric Closed-Loop Fiber Optic Gyroscopes with Linear Output
3       62
3       72
Schreiber U., Velikoseltsev A., Stedman G. E., Hurst R. B., Klugel T. Large Ring Laser Gyros as High Resolution Sensors for Applications in Geoscience
3       38
3       47
Stepanov O.A. Relation between optimal stationary filtering algorithms and smoothing
1       16
1       26
Stepanov O.A., Amosov O.S. Optimal linear filtering using neural network
3       14
3       29
Stepanov O.A., Koshaev D.A. Universal MATLAB Programs for Investigating a Potential Accuracy and Sensitivity of Linear Nonstationary Filtering Algorithms
2       81
2       93
Stieler B., Eppler C., Garber T., Kostikov . On the Use of Gyros for Improoving the Tool Center Point Navigation of Industrial Robots
1       83
1       97
Volyntsev A.A., Dudko L.A., Kazakov B.A., Kozlov V.V., Mezentsev A.P.,
 Reshetnikov V.I., 
Dibrov D.N., Rizhkov V.S.
The High-Accuracy Gyroscopic Instruments for the Attitude Control and Stabilization Systems of Spacecrafts and Orbital Space Stations - the Experience in Design and Development
1       45
1       57
Voskoboinikov R.L. Synchronization of independent orthogonal autoactivated electromagnetic flows in the electrical machine
1       40
1       44
Udaloy V.A., Ivanov N.M., Sokolov N.L., Pazdnikov V.U. Some Peculiarities of Operative Okean-O Spacecraft Control
2       48
2       54
Winkler S., Schulz H.-W., Buschmann M., Kordes T., Vorsmann P. Viaual Aided Low-Cost GPS/INS Integration for Autonomous MAV Navigation
4       36
4       49
Zixing Cai, Hangen He, Timofeev A.V. Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots in Unknown Environment: a Survey
2       13
2       25
Zhelezniak L.K., Koneshov V.N., Popov E.I., Nesenjuk L.P., Peshekhonov V.G., Ellinson L.S., Iljin V.N., Saveliev E.B., Chichinadze M.V., Blagov E.V., Bronshtein I.G., Dobrotvorsky A.N., Kniazev Yu.A., Parusnikov P.A. Development and application of dual-purpose gravimeters for making measurements from both marine and air carriers
1       149

Brief note

Egorov D.A., Karandashev A.A. Automation of time constant definition for the magnetically suspended gyros
3       73
3       79
Paper abstracts of the 11th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems
3       80
Paper abstracts of the 24th conference in memory of N.N.Ostryakov
4       65

History pages

Rivkin S.S. To the history of preparing and giving a course Theory of Gyroscopic and Sta-bilizing Devices of the Ship Armament
2       114
2       126

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
Official information

XVII General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
3       105
XVIII General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       216
The 70th anniversary from the birth of the RAS Academician V.G.Peshekhonov - the President of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
2       111
Gazak P.M., Kormilitsin Yu.N. Operation dataware for the power equipment of the navy ships
1       133
1       142
Odintsov A.A. In memory of S.F.Farmakovsky
4       121


Materials of the joint scientific session of the Navigation Systems and Their Sensors Sec-tion and the Saint Petersburg Section of Precise Gyroscopy of the RAS Scientific Council on the problems of motion control and navigation
2       127
Materials of joint scientific session of Navigation Systems and their Sensors Section and Saint Petersburg Precise Gyroscopy Section of RAS Scientific Council on the Prob-lems of Motion Control and Navigation
3       107
Chelnokov Yu. N. On a Conception in the Theory of Solid Stability and Motion Control, Based on Euler - D'Alembert and Shaley Theorems
3       107
3       118
On 16th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace Systems
3       119
On LS 232 on Advances in Navigation Sensors and Integration Technology
3       122
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
1       153
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
2       129
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
3       123
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
4       129

New books

Anuchin O.N., Komarove I.E., Porfiriev L.F. "Onboard navigation and orientation systems of Earth artificial satellites"
4       131
Dmitriev S.P., Kolesov N.V., Osipov A.V. "Informational reliability, monitoring and diagnostics of navigation systems"
1       143
Gollandtsev Yu.G. "The ac electronic inductor jet motors"
1       144
"History of Navigation service on the Russian Navy"
1       145

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