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List of the materials published in the journal in 2006

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Abol V.V., Bermishev A.A., Itin P.G., Lapshin V.L. Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory for Testing of User's GPS/GLONASS Receivers
1       59
Afanasyeva L.V., Boyarsky E.A., Koneshov V.N., Stepanova I.E. Analytic continuation of the gravity field upward and downward at airborne gravity measurements processing and analysis
3       29
Andreev V.A., Belousov S.A., Dyuzhev K.V., Ignatiev A.A., Novikov L.Z., Petelin V.L., Stolyarov A.N., Shumova G.M. Strapdown Inertial Unit for Control System of Dnepr Self-Contained Booster Stage
2       26
Beitia Jose, Gross Alain, Grosset Gilles. New Generation of Inertial Clusters for Standby Instruments Based on Vibrating Sensors
1       12
Belyaev M.Yu., Rulev D.N., Medvedev E.S., Sazonov V.V., Paeffgen V. Determination of Space Station Motion Parameters Using GPS Measurements
2       3
Binder Ya.I., Eliseenkov A.E., Paderina T.V., Rozentsvein V.G. Small-sized gyro inclinometers: problems, development concept, results of development and implementation
3       19
Binder Ya.I., Mumin O.L. A Small-Size Gyroscopic Inclinometer System
1       52
Dmitriev S.P., Sokolov A.I. Estimation of Frequency Shift in Doppler Speedometer by Identification of Received Signal Model
1       21
Drobyshev N.V., Koneshov V.N., Papusha I.A., Popelensky M.Yu., Rozhkov Yu.E. Rcurrent algorithm using gravimetric survey data for vertical deviation definition, based on stochastic approach
2       75
Dzhashitov V.E., Pankratov V.M. Choice of Parameters of Elastic Curvilinear Conductors for Aerospace Sensors on the Basis of Definition of Their Natural Oscillations Frequency
4       66
Filatov Yu.V. The prospects for creation of microoptical gyroscope
3       41
Gavryusev V.I., Shcherbak A.G., Belyaev S.N. Analysis of microflow processes caused by diffusion welding of electrostatic gyroscope beryllium rotors
3       75
Gusinsky V.Z., Litmanovich Yu.A., Stolbov A.A. Self-contained calibration of misalignment angles between the ESG rotor and the axis of its case rotation
1       3
Gusinsky V.Z., Parfenov O.I. Dual Autocompensation of ESG Drift
4       37
Katoch R., Mahapatra P. R. GPS based attitude estimation of aircraft using neural network aided kalman filter
3       3
Konovalov S.F., Konovchenko A.A., Mezhiritsky E.L. Balancing Si-flex Accelerometer Designed for Measuring High Accelerations
2       44
Martynenko Yu.G., Ryabikov V.S., Shcheglova N.N., Nekhamkin L.I. Motion of the Two-degree-of-Freedom Gyro at Its Contacts with Stop
2       51
Nikishin V.B., Melnikov A.V., Plotnikov P.K., Chebotarevsky Yu.V., Bolshakov A.A., Chebotarevsky V.Yu. On Development of Wide Band Integrated Gyroinclinometer
1       40
Odintsov A.A., Vasilyeva V.B., Naumov Yu.E. The use of two inertial systems of semianalytic type with different gyrostabilized platform control laws in azimuth for improving accuracy of navigation parameters generation
3       11
Polyotkin K.V., Troitsky N.G., Chernomorsky A.I. Reduction of temperature drift of rate sensor based on rotor vibratory gyroscope of compensatory type
3       64
Popova I.V., Lestev A.M., Lukovaty Yu.S., Semenov A.A., Zyuzin S.V., Pyatyshev E.N., Shabrov A.A. Micro-mechanical Sensors and Systems. Practical Results and Aspects of Development
1       29
Rumyantsev S.N., Skorohodov D.A. Using Disturbance Feedback at Development of High-Speed Vessel Controller
1       67
Shekshnya V.V., Belov R.A., Borovik I.V., Drozdov O.A., Dudko L.A., Pashchenko E.N. Inclinometers and Hole Devices. Experience of Creation and Operation
1       35
Slyusar V.M. Current Issues of Designing SINS Attitude Algorithms. Part 3. Algorithms Analysis and Synthesis with Account for Gyros Frequency Response Effect
4       21
Slyusar V.M. Problems of strapdown attitude algorithms design. Part 1. Amplitude extension of algorithm application field
2       61
Slyusar V.M. Topical issues of designing strapdown inertial navigation system attitude algorithms. Part 2: Frequency extension of the algorithms application area
3       51
Smolentsev S.V. Positioning the Mobile Users of GSM Cellular Networks
4       41
Stepanov .. Linear Optimal Algorithm for Nonlinear Navigation Problems
4       11
Tarasov V.N. Hysteresis Synchronuous Motors of Precision Gyroscopes
4       54
Wagter C.De, Mulder J. A. Vision-Based Guidance and Awareness for Autonomous UAV
2       13

Brief note

Vasiliev V.V., Narver V.N., Prikhodko V.D., Sokolov O.A. Check of heading error in submarine navigation system during the mooring tests
1       81

Proceedings of 8th Conference of Young Scientists
Navigation and Motion Control

Paper abstracts
2       85

Materials of the 13th Saint Petersburg International Conference
on Integrated Navigation Systems

Abstracts of the papers
3       83

1st Russian Multiconference on Control Problems
4       78

25th Conference in memory of N.N.Ostryakov

Paper abstracts
4       80

International Public Association
Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
Official information

Antsev G.V., Andreev V.L., Barabanov A.D., Ivanov R.V., Sarychev V.A., Tupikov V.A., Turnetsky L.S. Control and Navigation of Helicopters with Remote Control
1       85
All-Russian Workshop Up-to-date Methods of Navigation and Motion Control
2       113
Devoted to the 90th anniversary of the birth of S.S.Rivkin
3       109
The 21nd General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
3       111
II General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       121
Papers abstracts
4       122

Pages of history

Schell B. 100 Years of Anschutz and Co Gyro Compasses - 100 Years of Innovations in Nautical Technology
1       95


Belash A.A., Rezinkin D.G. XVII scientific and technical conference of young scientists and specialists
1       111
1st Russian Multi-Conference on the Problems of Control
2       123
Adaptive and intelligent systems of information control and processing
3       124
Volovodov S.K. Conference on Dynamic Positioning
2       124
On the conference PLANS 2006
3       121
Joint Conference on control applications in Munich (CCA/CACSD/ISIC-2006)
4       123
R. Kalman in Saint Petersburg
3       117
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
1       114
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
2       125
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
3       126
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
4       128
Abstracts of the papers published
1       115
Abstracts of the papers published
2       127
Abstracts of the papers published
3       129
Abstracts of the papers published
4       131

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