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List of the materials published in the journal in 2008

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Bagaeva S.V., Belyaeva T.A., Belyaev Ya.V., Nekrasov Ya.A Cancellation of quadrature error in RR-type micromechanical gyroscope with the use of electrodes located above tooth area
1       182
Bakhonin K.A., Dzhandzhgava G.I., Trebukhov A.V., Vinogradov G.M. Hemispherical resonance gyro-based strapdown inertial navigation system
1       22
Barulina M.A., Dzhashitov V.E., Kalinin M.A., Pankratov V.M., Papko A.A. Mathematical model of micromechanical accelerometer with consideration for temperature effects, thermoelastic deflected mode and dynamic effects
1       55
Binder Ya. I. Compensation of gimballess gyroscopic inclinometer disturbances under continuous survey of small diameter holes
2       62
Blazhnov B.A., Emelyantsev G.I., Nesenyuk L.P., Stepanov A.P. Calibration of a gimballess inertial unit on fiber-optic or micromechanical gyros, comprised in an integrated system, during the spacecraft orbital flight
2       39
Boedecker Gerd Precision aircraft attitude determination with multi-antennae GPS receivers
4       21
Bolotin Yu.V., Golikov V.P., Larionov S.V., Trebukhov A.V. Calibration algorithms for a gimbal inertial navigation system
3       13
Buravlev A.S., Fedorov V.A., Korkishko Yu.N., Kostritskii S.M., Lisin L.G., Marchuk V.G., Morev I.V., Nesenyuk L.P., Paderin E.M., Ponomarev V.G., Prilutskii V.E. Navigation-grade interferometric fiber optical gyroscope
1       171
Emelyantsev G.I., Landau B.E., Levin S.L., Romanenko S.G. On refining the drift model of electrostatic gyros of the gimballess inertial attitude control system and their calibration procedure on a test bench and under orbiting space vehicle conditions
1       43
Graovac S., Stancic R. Integration of a low-accuracy strapdown inertial navigation system and GPS, the concept and results
2       16
Gutner I.Ye., Zhuravlev L.D., Zvorykin Ye.N., Molochnikov A.A., Orlov M.V. Calculation of the current glide slope angle for the aircraft landing on the aircraft-carrier deck
4       40
Hughes D., Legare D., Nikulin V., Skormin V., Sofka J. Demonstration of optical connectivity between two mobile platforms
2       28
Jaffe Randall, Qi Honghui, Rios Jose Antonio Test Results and Description of the MMQ-GTM, MEMS INS-GPS
2       3
Kulakova V.I., Nebylov A.V., Stepanov O.A H2/H∞ approach applied to aviation gravimetry problem
2       53
Maximov M.G., Shevchenko A.N. Computerized test bench for adjustment and testing of embedded electrostatic gyro thermostabilization system
2       72
Mikhailov N.V., Mikhailov V.F. An ambiguity resolution method for the GPS phase measurements at the spaceship relative navigation
4       9
Mikhailov N.V., Mikhailov V.F., Vasilev M.V. Autonomous navigation of space vehicles using GPS
1       3
Naumov Yu.E., Odintsov A.A., Vasilyeva V.B., On one autonomous damping circuit for inertial navigation systems
1       33
Pelevin A.Ye. Parameter identification for a model of marine vehicle at the active control periodic motion
4       29
Peshekhonov V.G., Nesenyuk L.P., Gryazin D.G., Nekrasov Ya.A., Yevstifeyev M.I., Blazhnov B.A., Aksenenko V.D. Inertial units on micromechanical sensors. Development and tests results
3       3
Popova I.V., Lestev A.M., Semenov A.A., Ivanov V.A., Rakityansky O.I., Burtsev V.A. Encapsulated micromechanical gyros and accelerometers for digital navigation and control systems
3       27
Shalimov L.N., Deryugin S.F., Belsky L.N. Academician N.A. Semikhatov and his role in designing rocket and space technology and in developing applied science. To the 90th birth anniversary (1918 - 2002)
4       116
Taranovsky D.O. Bench calibration of pendulous floated accelerometers of a shipborne inertial navigation system
4       56
Terentyev I.A. Functional diagnosis and testing of a gimbal inertial navigation system servosystem
4       49
Udovikov A.S. Investigation of the dimensional stability of high-accuracy spherical thin-walled beryllium rotors
1       90
Velikoseltsev A., Schreiber U., Kluegel T., Voigt S., Graham R. Sagnac interferometry for the determination of the Earth rotation in geodesy and seismology
3       37
Yakimovsky D.O. Increasing accuracy of motor-handwheel moment control
3       46

Brief notes

Bogdanov M.B., Prohortsov A.V., Saveliev V.V., Smirnov V.A., Chepurin A.A. Analysis of operating conditions and measurement channel errors influence on strapdown attitude orientation system accuracy
3       53
Buravlev A.S., Egorov D.A., Lisin L.G. Fiber optical gyroscopes under magnetostatic field conditions
3       59
Vasyukov S.A. On the rotor charge influence on stability of rotary centering in a cylinder electrostatic suspension
3       64
Abstracts of papers by the participants in the youth section of the 14th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems
1       95

Jubilee 10th Conference of Young Scientists
"Navigation and Motion Control"

Abstracts of the papers
2       78

Materials of the 15th Saint Petersburg International Conference
on Integrated Navigation Systems

Abstracts of the papers
3       71
Professor H. Sorg's speech at the Conference closing ceremony
3       98
2nd Russian Multiconference on Control Problems (2RMCCP-2008)
4       66

26th Conference in memory of N.N.Ostryakov

Abstracts of the papers
4       67

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l     i n f o r m a t i o n

High technologies form strong Russia's future (on scientific and practical conference of senior pupils)
2       113
Lynch D. Northrop Grumman's view on development of the navigation technologies
3       102
The 25th General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
3       99
The 26th General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       113
The visiting session of the Academy Presidium at the town of Serpukhov, Moscow region
2       111
Veremey E.I. Conference on the MATLAB package application to research and education
1       103

History pages

Sorg Helmut W., Wagner Jorg The machine of Bohnenberger
1       107

New books

About monograph "Precision controllable test benches for dynamic tests of gyroscopic devices"
3       107
About D.M. Kalihman's book "Precision controllable test benches for dynamic tests of gyroscopic devices"
4       119


About book "Precision gas-lubricated bearings" by Boldyrev Yu.Ya., Filippov A.Yu., Grigoriev B.S., Luchin G.A., Panich T.V., Sipenkov I.E., , Zablotsky N.D. (feedback from readers)
1       115
Centrifuges as the main means for setting a constant linear acceleration in the range above 1 g
4       125
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
1       116
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
2       119
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
3       115
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
4       121
Stepanov O.A. 17th IFAC World Congress. Seoul-2008
3       109
Stepanov O.A. International satellite navigation forum 2008
2       115

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