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List of the materials published in the journal in 2009

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Alyoshechkin A.M. Probability of correct disambiguation in phase radionavigation system "Krabick"
3       74
Alyoshechkin A. M., V.N. Bondarenko, M.M. Valikhanov, V.I. Kokorin, Ye.V. Kuzmin Results of the experimental research of the broadband medium wave radio navigation system
4       46
Balashov V.V., A.G.Bakhmurov, D.Yu.Volkanov, R.L.Smelyansky, M.V.Chistolinov, N.V.Yuschenko, G.T.Mamontov, P.V.Yukhta Experience of software environment DIANA for simulation and designing of on-board com-puting systems
2       48
Belenky V.A. Gyropendulum imperturbability
3       56
Binder Ya.I., T.V. Paderina, V.G. Rozentsvein High-efficiency precision directional survey of slim well bores. The results of practical im-plementation
1       52
Blazhnov B.A., D.A. Koshaev Determination of the motion relative path and attitude control angles from the GNSS phase measurements and micromechanical gyroscope data
4       15
Boronakhin A.M., L.N.Oleinik, N.S.Filipenya The small-size integrated system for railway track diagnostics
1       63
Emelyantsev G.I., B.A.Blazhnov, A.N.Korotkov, L.P.Nesenyuk, A.P.Stepanov Design of the integrated inertial satellite system for vehicles with the ballistic trajectory mo-tion at the initial period
1       8
Evstifeev M.I., D.V.Rozentsvein, I.B.Chelpanov Strength analysis of micromechanical gyro elastic suspension
3       23
Gryazin D.G., L.P. Nesenyuk Marine pitch-and-roll buoys. Current status and progress trends
4       70
Gursky B.G., V.L.Solunin, A.I.Novikov Navigation system of the unmanned ground-based vehicle
2       12
Konovalov S.F., J.B.Seo Reasons of magnetic flux uneven distribution in the space of Q-flex accelerometer force-balance transducers
2       72
Krasnov A.A., A.A. Odintsov, I.V. Semyonov Gravimeter gyroscopic stabilization system
4       54
Krobka N.I. New noncommutative kinematic effect and its visualization in the FOG-based strapdown iner-tial orientation systems
1       36
Krobka N.I Quantum micromechanics: gyros based on de Broglie waves and quantum nature of superfluid liquids. Development trend and state of design
3       36
Lavoie Philippe, Di Li, Rene Jr. Landry Inertial navigation system developed for MEMS applications
1       75
Martynenko Yu.G., I.V. Merkuriev, V.V. Podalkov Ring micromechanical gyro dynamics in forced oscillation mode
3       10
Meister O., N. Frietsch, Ch. Ascher, G. F. Trommer Adaptive path planning for VTOL-UAVs
2       3
Meshkovsky I.K., V.E. Strigalyov, G.B. Deineka, V.G. Peshekhonov,
L.P. Nesenyuk
Three-axis fiber-optical gyro for marine navigation systems
3       3
Mikhailov N.V., V.F.Mikhailov Disambiguation method of GPS phase measurements applied to spacecraft autonomous relative navigation
2       37
Mikhailov N.V., V.F. Mikhailov Signal processing in space-borne GNSS receivers
4       35
Odintsov A .A. On the problem of gyropendulum imperturbability
3       59
Polushkin A.V., L.Ya.Kalihman, D.M.Kalihman, S.F.Nahov R.V.Ermakov, D.A.Belyakov, S.N.Shatskov, V.A.Lomov, A.D.Shapran The results of general-purpose hardware development for monitoring a wide range of inertial devices
1       86
Shalaginov V.M. Quaternion computing algorithms using known values of matrix of vehicle orientation
2       56
Vasiljev V.A., O.A. Stepanov, A.V.Osipov Bayesian and fuzzy nonlinear estimation algorithms
1       22
Veremey I.Ye. Synthesis of multipurpose motion control laws for marine vehicles
4       3
Veremei E.I., M.V.Sotnikova H∞-optimization procedure applied to synthesis of sea disturbance filters
2       24
Yakimovsky D.O. Rotor speedup for the gyro with gasdynamic suspension, contactless DC motor without rotor position sensor
3       65
Zhuravlev V.F. Some details of unique experiment "Gravity Probe B"
1       3

Brief note

Narver V. V., V. N. Narver, V. V. Patrushev The crosshair for true azimuth observation
1       101

Materials of XI conference of young scientists Navigation and Motion Control

Paper abstracts
2       80

Materials of XVI Saint-Petersburg international conference
on integrated navigation systems

Paper abstracts
3       83

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l     i n f o r m a t i o n

All-Russia workshop Up-to-date methods of navigation and motion control
2       118
Andrievsky B.R., A.L. Fradkov Control and monitoring through the channels of communication with a limited carrying capacity
4       103
Balov A.V. Present and future of radionavigation
4       84
President of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control, Academician of the RAS, Vladimir Peshekhonov is 75
2       111
To the 80-th anniversary from I.N.Sapozhnikov birthday
1       109
27th General meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
2       115
28th General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       81

New books

Eagerly awaited book. About G.S. Malyshkin's book "Optimum and adaptive hydroacoustic signal processing methods". Volume 1. "Optimum methods"
4       115
Necessary and useful book
2       121
On the book "Back to fundamentals of the estimation theory as applied to the problems of navigational data processing. Part 1. Introduction to the estimation theory" by O.A.Stepanov
1       111


Dzhashitov V.E., V.M.Pankratov, A.V.Golikov Research and educational computer course in the engineering mechanics, general and applied theory of gyros
1       113
International IFAC workshop. Aerospace guidance, navigation and flight control systems
3       111
Russian and international conferences, symposiums and exhibitions
1       122
Russian and international conferences, symposiums and exhibitions
2       128
Russian and international conferences, symposiums and exhibitions
3       113
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
4       117
Stepanov O.A. International Satellite navigation forum 2009
2       123
To the attention of authors and readers of Gyroscopy and Navigation
3       116
To the attention of the authors and readers of the journal Gyroscopy and Navigation
4       123

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