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List of the materials published in the journal in 2010

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Ya. I. Binder, A. S. Lysenko, T. V. Paderina, À. N. FedorovichVarious schemes for continuous gyro-inclinometric survey of arbitrarily oriented wellbores
4      53
Landau B.Ye, S.S.Gurevich, G.I.Yemeliantsev, S.L.Levin, S.G.RomanenkoCalibration of errors in strapdown inertial navigation system on ESG during orbital flights
1      36
Agafonov A.M. , E.V. Egorov, D.L. Zaytsev, K.A. Neumoin, M.V. SafonovInvestigation of possibility to use molecular electronic device for geographic north-seeking
3      14
BelokonovI.V. , M.V. Bondar, I.A. Kudriavtsev Navigational tracking of tether system deployment by an example of experiment YES2 on the space vehicle "Foton-M3"
3      3
A.V. Chernodarov, A.P. Patrikeev , Yu.N. Korkishko, V.A. Fedorov, S.E. Perelyaev Software seminatural development for FOG inertial satellite navigation system SINS-500
4      19
Dzhashitov V.E. , V.M. Pankratov, M.A. BarulinaTemperature and technological errors of hemispherical resonator gyros
1      47
Galkina A.S. , A.I.Manturov, V.I.Rublyov, V.Ye.Yurin Spacecraft angular motion control programs: estimating the accuracy of generation and realization using satellite navigation systems
1      15
KolevatovA.P. , S.G. Nikolaev, A.G Andreyev, V.S. Ermakov, O.L. Kel, D.I. ShevtsovFiber optical gyroscope of navigation class strapdown inertial systems. Development, temperature compensation, and tests
3      49
KonovalovS.F. , V.P. Podchezertsev, D.V. Mayorov, Yu.A. Ponomarev, A.G. Sidorov, H.W. Park, N.Y. Kwon, J.B.SeoTwo-coordinate micromechanical rate sensor with magnetoelectric torques of a feedback on channels of excitation and measurement
3      61
P. Kovar, P. Kacmarik, F. VejrazkaInteroperable GPS, GLONASS and Galileo software receiver
4      32
LukianovD.P. , M.M. Shevelko, A.N. Peregudov, E.S. GribkovaInvestigation of construction possibility for solid-state microgyroscopes on surface acoustic waves using the crystal anisotropic piezoelectric features
3      37
MartynyukA.P., E.V. Kazakova The error of acoustic Doppler log with phased array antenna
3      72
Odintsov B.V.On the improved accuracy of attitude determination for the remote Earth sensing spacecraft
2      5
Pavlov B.V., À.K.Volkovitsky, Å.V.KarshakovLow-frequency electromagnetic system of relative navigation and orientation
1      3
ScopignoR., A. Cozzetti, L. Lo PrestiBenefits of tight-coupled architectures for the integration of GNSS receiver and VANET tranceiver
4      3
Shatalov Michael, Charlotte Coetzee, Stephan Joubert Dynamics of Imperfect Hemispherical Resonator Gyro
2      16
Siraya T.N.Allan variance as a measurement error estimate
2      29
StepanovO.A. , A. B. ToropovA comparison of linear and nonlinear optimal estimators in nonlinear navigation problem
3      24
Vaisgant I.B. , Yu.A. Litvinenko, V.A. Tupysev Specific control of water speed log data in the correction of marine inertial navigation system
2      36
Vasil'ev M.V. , N.V. Mikhailov, V.F. Mikhailov Autonomous satellite orbit determination using spaceborne GNSS receivers
4      41
Yåmeliantsev G.I. , B.A.Blazhnov, À.P.StepanovUsing phase measurements for attitude control in integrated inertial-satellite system
1      26

Brief note

Agafonov V.Ì., Ye.V.Yegorov, D.L. ZaitsevA method to estimate the metrological characteristics of a single-axis variable angular rate table
1       81
Belyaev S.N. , Scherbak A.G. Study on thin film deposition on gyro assemblies
2       57
Gryazin D.G. , A.I.Skalon, À.S. Kovalev, D.I. LychevMolecular electronic meters of linear accelerations: preliminary results of the study
1       72
KuznetsovA.G. , Z.S. Abutidze, B.I. Portnov, V.I. Galkin, A.A. KalikDevelopment of micromechanical sensors for pilotage control systems
2       50
Odintsov A.A. Tests of the strapdown inertial navigation system on a rocking base
1       63
Olshansky V.Yu. , KurochkinI.S. Parametric synthesis of aperiodic mode of natural oscillation damping in a dynamic system "Small Earth satellite – gyrodampers"
2       45

Proceedings of the 12th Conference of Young Scientists
«Navigation and Motion Control»

Abstracts of papers
2       63

Materials of XVII Saint-Petersburg international conference
on integrated navigation systems

Paper abstracts
3       82

27th Conference in memory of N.N.Ostryakov

Abstracts of the papers
4       73

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l     i n f o r m a t i o n

29th General Meeting of Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
2       105
Ayzinov S.D. , Orekhov A.V. Crew training for high-tech ships
1       91
Nebylov A.V. Scientific, engineering and methodical heritage of Professor V.A. Besekersky
2       121
On the 30th General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       107
On the contest for the award named after outstanding designer of gyroscopic devices N.N.Ostryakov
1       100
I.N. SapozhnikovAcademician V.I.Kuznetsov, the father of gyroscopic devices for rocket space technology
4       108
Stepanov O.A. Kalman Filter: the Past and the Present (To the 80th anniversary of Rudolf Kalman)
2       107
To the 70th anniversary of G.I. Dzhandzhgava
3       115

New books

About book «General and applied gyroscope theory with the use of computer technologies» by V.E. Dzhashitov, V.M. Pankratov, A.V. Golikov
I.V. BelokonovNothing of the kind exists
4       111
Ye.Yu. KrutovaLearning is easier and more interesting now
4       113
About book «Design of strapdown inertial navigation systems» by V.V. Matveyev, V. Ya. Raspopov
1       101
About book «In memory of Professor L.P. Nesenyuk. Selected works and memories»
Konovalov S.F. E.V. ShevtsovFor the mind and heart
2       129
Lukianov D.P. Lest we forget the scholar and the friend
2       127
About book «The cruise to eternal ice. How it was» by V. Kuznetsova
1       102


3rd Russian Multiconference on Control Problems (3RMCCP-2010)
4       115
T. BelyaevaWorkshop at the CSRI Elektropribor base – the third stage of the Conference of Young Scientists
4       118
Pakshina N.A. , Pakshin P.V. 8th International Symposium «Advances in Control Education»
2       131
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
1       103
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
2       135
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
3       122
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
4       120
StepanovO.A., ProkhorovD. V. On the World Congress in Barcelona (WCCI 2010)
3       117

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