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List of the materials published in the journal in 2011

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Amelin K.S. , O.N. GranichinRandomization possibilities in Kalman type prediction algorithms under arbitrary external noise in observation
2      38
Bagiyan À.À.Quaternion-based algorithm of ground target tracking by aircraft
4      11
Binder Ya. I. , A.E. Eliseenkov, A. S. Lysenko, V.G. RozentsveinMobile inclinometric station for continuous survey and sequential referencing of the wellbore trajectories of the underground mine borehole group
2      27
Boronakhin A.M., P.A. Ivanov, E.D. Bokhman, Yu.V. Filatov, I.L. SurovNew complex of test beds for small-sized inertial systems and their sensors
4      32
Chistyakov V. V. , N. V. Mikhailov, S. S. Pospelov, M. V. Vasilyev, N. V. VasilyevaMethod of Fast First Fix for Low Cost GNSS Receivers
1      26
Davidson P., J. Collin, and J. Takala Application of Particle Filters to a Map-Matching Algorithm
3      46
Dovgobrod G.M.Development of an adaptive algorithm for ship motion control on a nonlinear path
4      22
Dovgobrod G.M. and L.M. Klyachko Simplified Deduction of Control Law Providing a Vehicle’s Motion on a Specified Nonlinear Path
3      24
Dzhashitov V.E. , V.M. PankratovElastic suspension of the superminiature micromechanical gyroscope
2      51
Dzhashitov V.E., V.M. Pankratov, A.V. Golikov, A.G. Gubanov, Ì.V. EfremovReducing thermal sensitivity of fiber-optic gyros
4      42
Egorov A.V., B.E. Landau, S.L. Levin, S.G. RomanenkoRotor motion of the gimballess electrostatically suspended gyro under the spacecraft orbital flight
4      63
Egorov D.A. , R.O. Olekhnovich, A.A. Untilov, A.S. Aleinik, G.B. Deineka, V.E. StrigalevThe study on dead zone of fiber optic gyros
2      64
Emeliantsev G.I. , B.Å. Landau, S.L. Levin, S.S. Gurevich, S.G. RomanenkoSpecifics of an Integrated Attitude Reference and Navigation System for Orbital Spacecraft
1      17
Emelyantsev G.I., B.A. Blazhnov, and A.P. Stepanov Using Phase Measurements for Determining Vehicle’s Attitude Parameters by GPS-Aided Inertial System in Sea Tests
3      3
Evstifeev M. I. , D. P. Eliseev, À. S. Kovalev, D. V. RozentsveinResults of MEMS Gyro Mechanical Tests
1      49
Evstifeev M.I., D.P. Eliseev, D.V. Rozentsvein, and I.B. ChelpanovSpecifics of MEMS Gyro Shock Tests
3      88
Klimkovich B.V.Algorithmic compensation of attitude error in a dithered ring laser gyro
4      57
Koneshov V.N. , D.V. Abramov, I.V. KoneshovRefined Calculation of Vertical Gradient in Airborne Gravity Survey
1      78
Krobka N.I. Differential Methods of Identifying the Structure of Noises for Fiber-Optical and Other Gyros
1      59
Lukyanov D.P., Yu.V. Filatov, S.Yu. Shevchenko, M.M. Shevelko, A.N. Peregudov, A.S. Kukaev, and D.V. Safronov State of the Art and Prospects for the Development of SAW-Based Solid-State Gyros
3      75
Maier A., S. Kiesel, and G.F. Trommer Performance Analysis of Federated Filter for SAR/TRN/GPS/INS Integration
3      12
Meshkovsky I.K., V.E. Strigalev, G.B. Deineka, D.V. Volynsky, and A.A. Untilov Three-Axis Fiber-Optic Gyroscope: Development and Preliminary Test Results
3      67
Mikhailov N.V., A.V. Nikandrov, and V.F. Mikhailov Multipath Identification and Mitigation in GNSS Receivers Using Cluster Analysis Methods
3      58
Peshekhonov V.G. Gyroscopic Systems: Current Status and Prospects
1      3
Peshekhonov V.G. , Ya.A. Nekrasov, P. Pfluger, C. Kergueris, H. Haddara, A. ElsayedTest Results for RR-type Micromechanical Gyroscope
1      37
Raspopov V.Ya. , A.P. Shvedov, S.E. Tovkach, P.P. Paramonov, Yu.I. SaboSolving attitude determination problem for unmanned aerial vehicles
2      17
Rozengauz M.B. Calculating the Reliability of Redundant Systems with Account of SPTA set
1      82
Shalimov L.N., L.N.Belskiy, V.M.Kutovoy, I.A.Tarasov, V.D.GokhfeldTest results of the launcher «Soyuz-2» integrated navigation control system"Ñîþç-2"
4      75
Smirnov V.A., V.V. Savel’ev, V.S. ZakharikovLOS stabilization and pointing system with extended field of view
4      3
Soken H.E. and Ch. Hajiev In-Flight Calibration of Pico Satellite Attitude Sensors
3      34
Swihart Donald E. , Arthur F. Barfield, Edward M. Griffin, Richard C. Lehmann, Shawn C. Whitcomb, Billie Flynn, Mark A. Skoog, Kevin E. ProsserDesign, integration and flight test of an automatic ground collision avoidance system
2      3

Short Communications

Fedorov M.V.Effect of the silicon structure orientation on the properties of micromechanical accelerometers
4       92
Krobka N.I., A.I.Balandin, S.V.Keda, A.I.Tereshkin, D.S.ScherbitskiyNoise correlation matrices of triaxial fiber-optic gyroscopes
4       99
Lestev A.M. and M.V. Fedorov Vibration-Induced Error of a Pendulous MEMS Accelerometer
3       96
Sotnikova Ì.V.Identification features of the linear model parameters for the ship lateral motion
4       84


Ivanovsky R.I. Sensitivity Issues in Data Processing and Control Problems
1       90
Ivanovsky R.I. Some Aspects of Development and Application of Stationary Filters to Navigation Systems
3       102
Loparev A.V., O.A.Stepanov, and I.B.ChelpanovUsing Frequency Approach in Synthesis of Nonstationary Filters for Navigation Data Processing
3       115

Materials of the 13th Conference of Young Scientists
«Navigation and Motion Control»

Abstracts of the papers
2       78

Materials of the 18th Saint Petersburg International Conference
on Integrated Navigation Systems

Abstracts of the papers
4       105

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l     i n f o r m a t i o n

Avrutov V.V. , P.M. Bondar50 years of the chair of orientation and navigation devices and systems of the National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnic Institute)
2       125
Stepanov Î.À.18th IFAC World Congress in Milan
3       133
The 13th Conference of Young Scientists “Navigation and Motion Control”
1       106
The 31st General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
2       123
The 32nd General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       135
The extended session of Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
1       105


On the book “General and Applied Theory of Gyroscopes using Computer Technologies” by V.E. Dzhashitov, V.M. Pankratov, A.V. Golikov
1       107

New books

About G.S. Malyshkin's book “Optimum and adaptive hydroacoustic signal processing methods”. Volume 2. “Adaptive methods”
2       129
“Learning to handle the navigation systems onboard submarines of the Northern Fleet” by K.Ya. Bogomazov
2       130
About K.Ya. Bogomazov's book “Learning to handle the navigation systems onboard submarines of the Northern Fleet”
3       137


Krasnov À.À. 2010 International Symposium on Inertial Technology and Navigation, Nanjing, China
1       113
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
1       115
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
2       131
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
3       141
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
4       137

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