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List of the materials published in the journal in 2012

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Akimov P. A., A. I. MatasovProcessing the results of SINS bench tests by methods of nonsmooth optimization in the presence of faults
1      4
Aleshechkin A.M.Algorithm of GNSS-based attitude determination
2      13
Babich O.A.Taking into Account Nonholonomic Contraints of SINS Output Signals in Azimuth Correction Algorithms
4      21
Blazhnov B.A., I.Z. DzhilavdariMethods of error correction for gravimeter with nonlinear transformation function
2      34
Boronakhin A. M., L. N. Podgornaya, E. D. Bokhman, N. S. Filipenya, Yu. V. Filatov, R. B. Shalymov, D. Yu. LarionovMEMS-based inertial system for railway track diagnostics
1      57
Botchkovski A.L., N.V.Mikhailov, S.S.PospelovDesign of a combined GPS/GLONASS receiver and results of its preliminary tests
1      3
Di Corato F., M. Innocenti, and L. PolliniRobust Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation Algorithm via Entropy-Like Relative Pose Estimation
4      66
Dmitriev S.P., V.M. Zinenko, Yu.A. LitvinenkoCorrection and damping of medium accuracy INS using electromagnetic log
2      8
E.V. Dranitsyna, D.A. Egorov, A.A. Untilov, G.B. Deineka, I.A. Sharkov, I.G. DeinekaReducing the Effect of Temperature Variations on FOG Output Signal
4      10
Emelĺyantsev G.I., B.A. Blazhnov, D.A. Radchenko, └.└. MedvedkovGPS compass autonomous mode during long signal outage
2      36
Emelĺyantsev G.I., E.V. Dranitsyna, B.A. BlazhnovTest bed calibration of FOG-based strapdown inertial measurement unit
3      55
Evstifeev M.I., I.B. ChelpanovChelpanovQuality criteria and optimization issues of designs for RR-type micromechanical gyros
1      122
Fedorov A. E., V. A. Chirkov, D. A. Rekunov, N. V. Uspekhov, E. V. TrushkovskiiSmall three-axis laser gyroscope M-40
1      92
Huttunen V., R. PicheA monocular camera gyroscope
2      69
Kebler C., C. Ascher, M. Flad, G. F. TrommerMulti-sensor indoor pedestrian navigation system with vision aiding
1      67
Koneshov V.N., V.B. Nepoklonov, I.A. StolyarovUsing present-day geopotential models in studying vertical deviations in the Arctic
2      44
Kurbatov A.M., R.A. KurbatovMethods of improving the accuracy of fiber-optic gyros
1      102
Kutovoi V.M., O.I. Maslova, S.Yu. Perepelkina, M.A. Chaptsova, M.V. Antonova, A.A. Ignatĺev, E.Yu. Kovaleva, A.M. Kurbatov, L.Z. NovikovEvaluating the performance of a FOG-based strapdown inertial measurement unit in ground tests
2      98
Kuznetsov └.G., V.I.Galkin, A.V.Molchanov, B.I.Portnov, └.╠.YakubovichMEMS IMU: development and flight tests results
3      85
Ladonkin A.V., V.Ya. RaspopovOptical orientation systems in control circuit of unmanned aerial vehicle
3      64
Lefevre H.C.The Fiber-Optic Gyroscope: Achievement and Perspective
4      3
Meyer D., D. RozelleMilli-HRG Inertial Navigation System
4      3
Mikhailov N. V. and V. V. ChistyakovThe SoftFlex Approach in the User Equipment for Satellite Navigation: Examples of Application
4      105
Mikhailov N.V., S.S. Pospelov, M.V. Vasilyev, D.E. Yudakin, P.V. Glushkov Extralong coherent accumulation for multipath mitigation in GNSS receiver
1      85
Mikrin E. A., M. V. Mikhailov, S. N. Rozhkov, A. S. SemenovThe results of a flight experiment aboard the international space station to study the effect of multipath on navigation, attitude control and rendezvous using measurements of satellite navigation equipment
1      42
Ragot V., G. RemillieuxA new control mode greatly improving performance of axisymmetrical vibrating gyro-scopes
2      82
Revnivykh S.G.Development trends in global satellite navigation
3      3
Roth J., T. Schaich, G.F. TrommerCooperative GNSS-Based Method for Vehicle Positioning
3      18
Rybinskii V.OSelecting a Sampling Period for a Sampled-Data Submarine Motion Control System
4      93
Scherbinin V.V., E.V. Shevtsova, Yu.S. Vasilĺeva, and O.M. Chizhevskaya Functioning Methods and Algorithms of Color Vision-Based Correlation-Extremal Aircraft Navigation System
4      34
Tupysev V.A., Yu.A. LitvinenkoComparative analysis of reduced kalman filters with guaranteed estimation quality
2      3
Vilca J., L. Adouane, and Y. Mezouar Reactive Navigation of a Mobile Robot Using Elliptic Trajectories and Effective Online Obstacle Detection
4      71
Vodicheva L.V., E.L. Alievskaya, E.A. Koksharov, Yu.V. ParyshevaImproving the accuracy of speed-up angular rate determination
1      27
Volynskii D.V., E.V. Dranitsyna, A.A. Odintsov, A.A. UntilovCalibration of fiber-optic gyros within strapdown inertial measurement units
2      56
Zhbanov Yu. K., D. M.Klimov, E. Yu. Alekhova, V. L. Petelin, L. N. Slezkin, A. I. TereshkinScale factor correction of a strapdown angular rate sensor of a fast rotating object
3      78


Zinenko V.M.Some issues of practical application of suboptimal stationary filters
2       112
Litmanovich Yu.A. On one approach to the use of redundant information in attitude determination from two vector observations
3       99

Materials of the 14th Conference of Young Scientists
źNavigation and Motion Control╗

Abstracts of the papers
2       131

Materials of the 19th Saint Petersburg International Conference
on Integrated Navigation Systems

Paper abstracts
3       111

Proceedings of the 28th Conference in Memory of N.N. Ostryakov

Abstracts of papers
4       115

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l     i n f o r m a t i o n

Mueller P.C.In memory of Kurt Magnus: An honouring of a great scholar of gyro technology
3       143
Rivkin B.S.European Navigation Conference ENC2011
1       133
Stepanov ╬.└., D.O. TaranovskiyThe 75th Anniversary of the Information Navigation Systems Department at the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
4       141
The 33rd General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
2       175
The 34th General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       139

New books

The most important and needed book
3       149


Siraya T.V. 15 International Congress of Metrologie
1       137
Stepanov ╬.└. On the Hawaii 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control CDC 2012
4       151

Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
1       140
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
2       177
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
3       151
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions
4       160

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