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   "Gyroskopiya i Navigatsiya" №2, 2011


Donald E. Swihart, Arthur F. Barfield, Edward M. Griffin, Richard C. Lehmann, Shawn C. Whitcomb, Billie Flynn, Mark A. Skoog, Kevin E. Prosser
Design, integration and flight test of an automatic ground collision avoidance system
V.Ya. Raspopov, A.P. Shvedov, S.E. Tovkach, P.P. Paramonov, Yu.I. Sabo
Solving attitude determination problem for unmanned aerial vehicles
Ya. I. Binder, A.E. Eliseenkov, A. S. Lysenko, V.G. Rozentsvein
Mobile inclinometric station for continuous survey and sequential referencing of the wellbore trajectories of the underground mine borehole group
K.S. Amelin, O.N. Granichin
Randomization possibilities in Kalman type prediction algorithms under arbitrary external noise in observation
V.E. Dzhashitov, V.M. Pankratov
Elastic suspension of the superminiature micromechanical gyroscope
D.A. Egorov, R.O. Olekhnovich, A.A. Untilov, A.S. Aleinik, G.B. Deineka, V.E. Strigalev
The study on dead zone of fiber optic gyros

Materials of the 13th Conference of Young Scientists "Navigation and Motion Control"
Abstracts of the papers 78

International Public Association
Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l i n f o r m a t i o n
The 31st General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 123
V.V. Avrutov, P.M. Bondar
50 years of the chair of orientation and navigation devices and systems of the National Technical University of Ukraine (Kiev Polytechnic Institute)
New books
About G.S. Malyshkin's book "Optimum and adaptive hydroacoustic signal processing methods". Volume 2. "Adaptive methods"129
About K.Ya. Bogomazov's book "Learning to handle the navigation systems onboard submarines of the Northern Fleet"130
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions131
Abstracts of the papers published133

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