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   "Gyroscopy and Navigation" №2 (25), 1999


A.M.Lestev, I.B.Popova, Ye.N.Pyatyshev,
M.S.Lurie, A.A.Semenov, M.I.Yevstifeev
Micromechechanical gyro development and investigation 3
  Abstract 10
S.S.Gurevich, V.Z.Gusinsky, V.I.Zavgorogny,
B.Ye.Landau, S.V.Levin, S.G.Romanenko
Determining drift model coefficients for strapdown electrostatic gyro on bench test results 11
  Abstract 17
K.P.Andreichenko, D.K.Andreichenko, D.M.Kalikhman Temperature error of quartz accelerometer 18
  Abstract 30
O.A.Stepanov, D.A.Koshaev Analysis of solution methods for orientation problem using satellite systems 30
  Abstract 54
Yu.S.Dubinko, T.Yu.Dubinko Robust estimation usage for constructing robust RAIM - algorithms in the hardware for CIS SNS users 55
  Abstract 63
A.Ye.Pelevin Robust control law synthesis under uncertainty of model parameters 63
  Abstract 74
D.A.Skorokhodov, S.N.Rumyantsev Providing frequency selectivity in reduction algorithms for hydrofoil ship pitching: mathematical models and approaches to synthesis 75
  Abstract 91
Ye.I.Somov, S.A.Butyrin, I.A.Gerasin,
DINAMIKA software in gyro power fault-tolerant systems for orientation spacecraft control modeling 92
  Abstract 106

Brief notes

M.G.Maximov, Yu.Ya.Paly, S.B.Shipilov Experimental investigations of alarm rotor fitting for electrostatic gyro 108
  Abstract 111
V.D.Aksenenko, D.B.Aksenenko Phase-code converter based on signal processor 112
  Abstract 115
S.B.Sokolov, B.B.Panasenko Computational algorithm for vector differentiation of directing cosines matrix 116
  Abstract 119
A.V.Loparev, A.V.Nebylov Accuracy research of integrated meter for sea waves profile and low altitude of flight 119
  Abstract 123

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First scientific and technical conference for young scientists "Navigation and Motion Control" 125
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N.V.Treyerov Collector and organiser of maritime instrument engineering (to the 90th anniversary of C.M.Chuikov) 143


Review on A.V.Nebylov's book "Providing of accuracy control" 146
Russian and international conferences, symposiums, exhibitions 148

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