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   "Gyroscopy and Navigation" №3 (26), 1999


V.E.Dzhashitov, A.M.Lestev, V.M.Pankratov, I.V.Popova Temperature and Technology Factor Effects on Micromechanical Gyro Accuracy
A.S.Anfinogenov, R.P.Andreev, O.D.Dryapak, V.V.Sumarokov, O.I.Parfyonov On Possibility of ESG's Electrostatic Support Circuit Development for Satellite INS without Using Reference Voltages
P.K.Plotnikov Variety Theory Elements for Strapdown Inertial Orientation System
S.P.Dmitriev, O.A.Stepanov, D.A.Koshaev Methods of Data Integration for INS and Navigation Satellite System

Papers from the 6th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems

B.W. Leach Low Cost Strapdown Inertial/GPS Integrated Navigation for Flight Test Requirements
G. Schlnzer High Precision Integrated Navigation System for Vehicle Guidance
B.A.Kazakov, S.A.Kharlamov, A.P.Mezentzev, V.I.Reshetnikov, I.N.Sapoznikov Gyroscopic Instruments for the Russian Segment Attitude Determination System of the International Space Station Alpha

Brief notes

Ye.A.Artyukhov, V.V.Bernadsky, P.A.Gromov, V.G.Oleshkevich Velocity Limiter for Rotor Running-in
V.V.Seryogin, V.I.Yushchenko Algorithms for Processing of Information Obtained by GPS Users' Multiantenna Equipment
O.K.Yepifanov, I.A.Salova, M.V.Smolikova, V.V.Khrushchev System for Automated Designing DC Torque Motors of Module Type

Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
Official information

To the 80th Anniversary of D.I.Kozlov
Information of the 7th General Meeting of the Academy

History Pages

I.Ye.Sipenkov To the History of Development of Leningrad School for Gas Lubrication (Memories of its Founder L.G.Loitsyansky)


O.A.Stepanov About the Fifth European Control Conference ECC'99
Well Navigation, Inclinometry and Automatization (Paper Abstracts)
Russian and International Conferences, Symposia and Exhibitions

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