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V.E.Hertzman, A.V. Ekalo, V.M. Zaytsev, S.L. Shpektorov,V.F. Gerastovsky, Yu.B. Makhnenko, V.I. Prut Analysis of GLONASS/GPS user navigation equipment errors during taking trajectory measurements 3
The GPS/GLOSNASS navigational user equipment is used by launching carrier rocket as means of external (inspection) trajectory measurements. There are regarded measuring results obtained from specific type of navigation user equipment, developed by MDB "Compass". There is adduced content of data received to information - computing center of spaceports by means of radio - telemetry system. There are analyzed dynamic errors, which appear at stage separation; errors caused by angular motion of diversity antenna of receiver; peculiarity of receiving of navigational signals by turning of launch vehicle and in this connection switching between receiver's antennas. There are compared kinematics trajectory parameters, determined by data of on - board navigational equipment GPS/GLOSNASS and by data of ground - based control tracking radars.
N.V. Drobyshev,L.K. Zheleznyak, V.V. Klevtsov, V.N. Koneshov, V.N.Soloviov Estimation of the satellite altimetry potential for studies of the great ocean gravity field 14
Results of experimental accuracy estimation of up-to-date determinations of gravity obtained by Scripps Institution of Oceanography (USA) by using satellite altimetry are presented. Estimation was carried out by means of comparing satellite determinations with direct measurements made by marine gravimetric complex (MGC) "Cheta AGG".
Accuracy achieved with the use of altimetry makes it possible to draw a gravity map in the open ocean with gravimetric contour of 10 to 25 mGal and sometimes of 5 mGal, depending on the field ruggedness.
A.A. Odintsov, V.B. Vasilyeva, Yu.E. Naumov Analysis of effect of scale factor changes in control lines on output parameters of INS on magnetic gyroscopes 36
The issues related to determining the influence of trend (change) of the scale factor in a gyroscope control line on the parameters of local-level inertial navigation system are considered. Numerical estimation of this influence is implemented with the use of numerical estimate for change of magnetic conductivity of an angular sensor (torque generator) and rotor, obtained from measuring magnetic conductivity of the mentioned ferrite parts for an appreciable length of time.
Estimate is given for the scale factor trend influence on errors of the parameters determined in submode "Subcalibration" as well as on position coordinates and heading generation errors in operating mode.
Decrease of the influence of the scale factor trend in a gyroscope control line on the INS output parameters is investigated.
Ya.I. Binder, T.V. Paderina, I.B. Chelpanov Azimuth determination for intricate shape boreholes by weighted-mean estimation method 34
The paper offers a new azimuth calculation algorithm for a strapdown gyroinclinometer comprising one biaxial or two uniaxial angular velocity transducers (AVT) with measuring axes lying in the plane of the borehole cross-section. The algorithm is based on the optimum weighting of two azimuth measurements of different accuracy (the difference is caused by various dependency on borehole angular parameters). It is shown that the proposed algorithm does not require trajectory analysis and automatically provides the optimum estimate for azimuth calculation in of arbitrarily orientated boreholes. Algorithm sensitivity is analysed when the assumptions of statistical independence of AVT errors and their equal accuracy are violated. Adaptive algorithm for azimuth calculation, insusceptible to lack of fit of AVT errors statistical model, is suggested.
V.G.Peshekhonov, L.P.Nesenyuk,
M.I.Evstifeev, Ya.A.Nekrasov, S.Renard, P.Pfluger, C.Pisella, J.Collet
The development of a micromechanical disc-shape gyroscope 44
The results of the development of an RR-type micromechanical gyro (MMG) are presented. The design, schematics of control circuits and signal processing, some special features of the manufacturing methods are described. The results of the first tests are given.
I.V. Merkuriev Influence of nonuniform thickness of hemispherical resonator on hemispherical resonator gyroscope accuracy 52
Hemispherical resonator gyroscope (HRG) is one of the perspective inertial sensors used in navigation systems [1]. Movement of the hemispherical resonator with variable thickness has been considered. Low-frequency fluctuations on a bend of the resonator are investigated. With use of a hypothesis about not extensible median surface, potential energy of deformation of the resonator has been received. Using the Lagrange approach, the differential equations of the resonators movement has been received. Using a method of small parameter, the basic frequencies of own fluctuations of the resonator have been found. It has been shown, that the greatest influence on change of the second frequency of fluctuations of the resonator is rendered with the fourth harmonic of resonator's thickness. Numerical estimations of angular velocity of a wave picture of the resonator have been received.
V.N. Tarasov Methods and facilities for separating components of floated gyroscopes errors caused by electric drive 59
As a result experimental studies the gyroscope sets with hysteresis-reluctance motors is chosen four groups of inaccuracy, related by the drive. They are connected with instability of kinematic moment, heat dibalancing, magnetic interactions and vibrations of motor. Researched precision two and three freedom flocet gyroscope sets. Designed requirements to the power source and test equipment. Division of inaccuracy for the reason their further minimization was produced on the base of pulsed methods of regulation and stabilization of magnetic condition of motor.
Division of inaccuracy is based on the difference of reactions gyroscope set on determined external influences. To he pertain: changing a spatial orientation of kinematic moment vector, increasing a consuming power or to the account of increasing the losses in iron at the direct current, or to the account of increasing the losses in copper under the constant flow. Was it also used determination of feedforwards between the position of rotor in the synchronous coordinate system and actual drift of the gyroscope set.

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