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A.P.Mezentsev, E.N.Frolov, M.Yu. Klimkin, O.A. Mezentsev Development, production and test results for a medium-accuracy MEMS INS "AIST-320" based on Coriolis vibratory gyro "AIST-100" 3
The paper presents results of design and development, production and testing of a medium accuracy MEMS INS AIST-320. The system is built on a newly developed by "i-Sense" Coriolis vibratory gyro AIST-100. The key features of AIST-320 system are: replaceable sensor module; thermo-stabilization system; vibration protection system of the sensor module; modular electronics: interfaces of the INS can quickly be adopted to user's requirements (RS-232, RS-422 or analog); small dimensions: 150 mm 115 mm (mounting flange 170 mm). The Coriolis vibratory gyro AIST-100 consists of a micromechanical sensing element (SE) and an electronics board. Structure of the SE, its excitation and pic-off loops is presented. Overall results of modeling and developing gyro electronics are presented and discussed. The experimental results of the Coriolis vibrating gyro AIST-100 are shown and analyzed.
P.K. Plotnikov, V.B. Nikishin, Yu.V. Chebotarevsky, A.I. Sinev, V.Yu. Chebotarevsky Underground navigation problems solution method development and applications 20
A method's positions of problem solving of underground navigation its development and also singularity of use to pipelines and to boreholes are stated. A examples of effective method's realization as outcomes of tests of two SINS types integrated with GPS and an odometer (interpipeline navigation), and also outcomes of experimental researches of SINS, integrated with GPS and the sensors of increments of a length of well-logging cable (borehole navigation) are reduced.
A.V. Sholokhov Correction of autonomous terrain navigation systems in motion with the use of the road digital map reference points 34
The problem of correction of an autonomous dead-reckoning navigation system is solved at passage by object of control points of a road digital map. The suggested decision provides carrying out of correction without necessity of a object stopping at a control point, without its marking and the identification on district, fixing of the moment of passage by means of gauges. In intervals between control points free maneuvering object is supposed. In comparison with known approaches to correction of navigation systems with use of road digital map the developed approach provides increase of reliability of the navigation information due to exception of errors of a roads choice on crossroads and increase of accuracy due to exception of errors of roads positioning between control points. Results of an quality estimation of the corrected terrain navigation system functioning, based on natural experimental data, are resulted.
S.S. Suvorov, A.M. Devyatkin, Yu.V. Kuleshov, A.B. Lebedev, A.N. Podkovyrin Estimate of solar eclipse on March 29, 2006 influence on accuracy of co-ordinates determination by navigation equipment of GPS user 42
More correct account of the ionosphere condition is one of the directions for increase of exactness of co-ordinate-temporal attachment using one-frequent navigation equipment consumers. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to formalize considerable local disturbance of the ionosphere. The reach of solar eclipses influence on exactness of co-ordinate determination was spent within the framework of formalization the same disturbances. On the other hand use of several radio frequencies in satellite radio navigation systems provides the possibility of identification of the ionosphere local disturbances. Some kinds of experimental estimations received on the basis of the analysis of radio navigation measuring results in conditions of solar eclipse (March 29, 2006) are given in this article. Firstly the estimations of solar eclipse influence on radio navigation signals and exactness of co-ordinate determination are given. Secondly the estimations of basis characteristics of the ionosphere (maximal deviation of total electron contents and horizontal geometrical sizes of shadow area) caused of solar eclipse are given. These results can be used at development of Russian augmentation systems of differential navigation.
A.G. Bazhenov, D.G. Gryazin, M.I. Evstifeyev, Ya.I. Belyaev, D.G. Molotkov, A.S. Kovalyov, D.V. Rozentsveyn, A.A. Untilov, Yu.V. Shadrin Specialized software package for designing micromechanical inertial sensors 52
The system intended for automated design of micromechanical sensors (gyroscopes and accelerometers) is presented. The system consists of modules for calculation of mechanical parameters, control and thermostabilization system elements. Main algorithms, program interface and examples of calculations are given.
D.P. Lukianov, A.A. Tikhonov, Yu.V. Filatov, M.M. Shevelko, A.G. Povalyaev, S.Yu. Shevchenko, A.A. Sturov, I.V. Popova, A.M. Lestev, M.A. Lestev, V.V. Novikov, M.S. Vershinin Development and optimization of the surface acoustic-waves microaccelerometer construction scheme. Part 2 62
Lumped characteristics of the one-input SAW-resonators being a part of the surface acoustic-waves (SAW) microaccelerometer have been analyzed and network analysis of self-oscillators for two different microaccelerometer construction schemes has been carried out. In the course of experimental investigations the SAW-microaccelerometer performance check, analysis of signals of difference frequency proportional to acceleration, preliminary estimate of specifications (scale factor, scale factor nonlinearity, zero shift) of micromechanical accelerometer in the Earth's gravitational field have been conducted. Particular attention has been given to temperature effects. To determine the temperature drift and warm-up period, experimental investigations of the SAW-microaccelerometers and finite element simulation of their sensors have been implemented using application package ANSYS.
M.B. Rosenhaus The influence of monitoring systems incompleteness and measure of belief on reliability of a nonredundant engineering system 77
Results of tasks solution for availability function calculation under exponential distribution laws for nonfailure operating time of system components, inspection system and restoration time are presented. Different cases of system and inspection system functioning considering incompleteness and monitoring measure of belief are discussed.

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