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V.G. Peshekhonov, L.P. Nesenyuk, D.G. Gryazin, Ya.A. Nekrasov, M.I. Yevstifeyev, B.A. Blazhnov, V.D. Aksenenko Inertial units on micromechanical sensors. Development and tests results 3
The paper presents a micromechanical gyroscope (MMG), an inertial measurement unit (IMU) based on MMG and an integrated inertial-satellite attitude and navigation system (IANS) developed in CSRI Elektropribor. The evolution and prospects for the development of MMG main components and MMG-based systems is considered. Test results are given.
Yu.V. Bolotin, V.P. Golikov, S.V. Larionov, A.V. Trebukhov Calibration algorithms for a gimbal inertial navigation system 13
INS calibration problem is considered when the readings of accelerometers, torquers, and angular pick-offs in gimbals are used as measurement information. The readings of the latter are supposed to be rougher compared with the readings of accelerometers. It has been shown that under these conditions correct choice of the instrument reference frame is necessary for fine calibration of accelerometers. Method for introducing the instrument reference frame is proposed. It is based on the polar decomposition of coordinate transformation matrices and allows for reaching theoretically maximum calibration accuracy. Optimization methods for the calibration plan are discussed as well.
I.V. Popova, A.M. Lestev, A.A. Semenov, V.A. Ivanov, O.I. Rakityansky, V.A. Burtsev Encapsulated micromechanical gyros and accelerometers for digital navigation and control systems 27
The paper is devoted to the development and manufacturing of "silicon-glass" micromechanical sensors of encapsulated type with digital output processing. The key technological processes allowing production of micromechanical encapsulated sensors with vacuum inside are considered and the features of their design are described. The methods for maintaining high reliability of encapsulated micromechanical gyroscopes with inner getter structure are discussed. ASIC designs for control and processing of micromechanical sensor outputs allow their accuracy, which is part of modern integrated systems, to be considerably improved. Also considered are various assemblies and packaging of the ASIC and micromechanical sensor as a single product.
A. Velikoseltsev, U. Schreiber,T. Kluegel, S. Voigt, R. Graham Sagnac interferometry for the determination of the Earth rotation in geodesy and seismology 37
Rotation sensors exploiting the Sagnac effect have many advantages, which give rise to a broad range of applications in which such sensors are irreplaceable. By vastly increasing the size, and consequently scale factor and sensitivity of ring lasers this group has achieved relative Earth rotation measurement resolution of 2 10-8. Today the real-time measurement delivered by large ring lasers provides data complementary to VLBI observations [7]. The application of optical sensors in seismology is an entirely new field, which is constantly evolving with the increased demand for quality data and analysis. Both ring lasers and fiber optic gyros can be employed for various seismological measurements, providing rotational information, which cannot be obtained via traditional seismometers. This paper presents an overview of current large ring laser development status, as well as insight into new research areas where both ring lasers and fiber optic gyros can help to obtain information of great value.
D.O. Yakimovsky Increasing accuracy of motor-handwheel moment control 46
A regenerative loop diagram in the motor-handwheel control system is considered. It allows accuracy increase in generation of control moment at satisfactory operation speed. The regenerative loop is organized so that it provides constancy of difference between the design rotational speed of rotor and the measured value of it. Discrete angular pickoff is used to measure the speed. The regenerative loop amplification factor is variable, it is selected depending on the change of speed difference. The computer simulation results are given. The method allows for effective control organization under rough change of speed.

Brief notes

M.B. Bogdanov, A.V. Prohortsov, V.V. Saveliev, V.A. Smirnov, A.A. Chepurin Analysis of operating conditions and measurement channel errors influence on strapdown attitude orientation system accuracy 53
Analytical expressions revealing the drift of orientation angle dependence on operating conditions and parameters of measuring channels are discussed in the paper. The expressions provide a possibility to estimate the maximum drift values or to formulate the measuring channel requirements according to the given maximum drift values.
A.S.Buravlev, D.A. Egorov, L.G. Lisin Fiber optical gyroscopes under magnetostatic field conditions 59
The influence of a constant magnetic field on domestically produced fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG) is explored. The estimation procedure of the such influence performances is stated. Conclusions about possible ways to decrease FOG-based strapdown systems errors are made.
S.A. Vasyukov On the rotor charge influence on stability of rotary centering in a cylinder electrostatic suspension 64
A component of rotor potential caused by buildup of a random charge on the rotor has been investigated experimentally. The measurements were carried out on a prototype of a float-type pendulous accelerometer with a cylinder electrostatic suspension by direct measurement of the rotor potential. The electric contact with the rotor was performed via one of the wire ways of a magnetoelectric torque sensor. It has been shown that application of pulse suspensions with change of the potential sign on each electrode not only decreases the charge "physical" buildup but also minimizes its contribution to the force characteristic of the suspension.

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