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I.K. Meshkovsky, V.E. Strigalyov, G.B. Deineka, V.G. Peshekhonov, L.P. Nesenyuk Three-axis fiber-optical gyro for marine navigation systems 3
A new three-axis navigation grade fiber-optic gyroscope and the Inertial Measurement Unit based on it are presented. The first test results are given in comparison with the test results of the Russian analogues as well as of the IXSEA IMU-120 test results, all obtained in CSRI "Elektropribor".
Yu.G. Martynenko, I.V. Merkuriev, V.V. Podalkov Ring micromechanical gyro dynamics in forced oscillation mode 10
The nonlinear effects of a MicroMechanical Gyroscope with ring resonator supported by a torsion system and controlled by electrostatic actuator are considered(Fig.1). Using the variational Hamiltonian principle, the equations of motion of the inextensible ring resonator (14) are derived to account nonlinear properties of resonator material (2), the electric forces of the resonator vibration control system (6) and the internal friction (9). Asymptotic model (22) for slow variables (21) describing compelled oscillations in the single-mode approximation (15) is designed according to schemes of the Krylov Bogolyubov averaging method. It is shown that nonlinear elastic properties of a resonator material led to additional errors (28) of gyroscope, unstable branches of resonance curves, quenching (Fig. 4 6). Algorithm of parameters identification is constructed. Algorithms of measurement of angular rate and tuning of frequency (33), providing increase passbands and accuracy of a gyroscope are offered.
M.I.Evstifeev, D.V.Rozentsvein, I.B.Chelpanov Strength analysis of micromechanical gyro elastic suspension 23
Micromechanical gyro design principles are described basing on strength criterion grounds. Analysis of strength requirements for elastic suspension was implemented. The results of deformation and strain calculation were derived with the use of analytical expressions and finite-element analysis. Various effects caused by vibration and impacts in the presence of stoppers are discussed.
N.I. Krobka Quantum micromechanics: gyros based on de Broglie waves and quantum nature of superfluid liquids. Development trend and state of design 36
A brief overview of state-of-the-art in developments of new gyros based on: 1) the de Broglie waves of atoms and Bose-Einstein condensates; 2) the properties of superfluid's phase quantization is presented. The sensitivity of these types of gyros to the absolute rotation exceeds the sensitivity of laser gyros (LG) and fiber-optic gyros (FOG) based on Sagnac effect of light waves by nine-eleven orders of magnitude (109-1011) or by a factor of mc2/hν that is the ratio of atom energy to photon energy. This difference, potentially, allows to significantly exceed the accuracy level that is available for LG and FOG. The devices based on the Sagnac effect of matter-waves have been demonstrated and used to detect the Earth's rotation for about 30 years ago. Since that time, the accuracy of laboratory samples of such gyroscopic devices has been increased by five orders of magnitude: bias stability is better than 0.0001 deg/h, angle random walk is less than 5x10-6 deg/h-1/2, and the scale factor stability is better than 5 ppm (1σ). Technical solutions of the abovementioned gyro-devices of the world leading research centers are discussed. A brief comparison with LG and FOG technologies is presented.
V.A.Belenky Gyropendulum imperturbability 56
A problem is posed to analyze the characteristics of a gyropendulum, not employing the simplifications which distort the gyropendulum physics. The analytical calculations are based on classical monography by A.Yu. Ishlinsky [1].
A.A. Odintsov On the problem of gyropendulum imperturbability 59
The paper considers the imperturbability of a gyropendulum with a support moving over the surface of non-rotating Earth, then the nonlinearity of its error equations is taken into account. The solution is accurate up to the third order of vanishing of a relatively small quantity, which is the vehicle speed to Earth orbital velocity ratio. The gyropendulum imperturbability is shown to be possible only in the first approximation. The systematic error in accounting for the nonlinear error equations is estimated.
D.O.Yakimovsky Rotor speedup for the gyro with gasdynamic suspension, contactless DC motor without rotor position sensor 65
The program speedup of the gyro rotor by a contactless direct-current motor without a rotor position sensor is considered when the rotor synchronously tracks the uniformly accelerated rotation of stator magnetic field. Dynamics of accelerated rotation of the rotor with gas aerodynamic suspension essentially depends on the speedup program parameters, namely: the rate of rise of the stator field rotation frequency and the program constrain angle. To estimate the dynamics, the displacement angle of the rotor and stator fields during speedup is used. For optimal parameters of the program the maximum displacement angle of the fields during speedup should be minimum.
A.M. Alyoshechkin Probability of correct disambiguation in phase radionavigation system "Krabick" 74
In the report, represented there, are examined the phase shifts ambiguity resolution algorithms in connection with the estimation of the radio navigation parameters in the "Krabik" phase radio-navigation system. Procedure is developed and the calculation of the probability of the correct phase ambiguity resolution for the different variants of the metric frequencies selection is executed. Proposals on the correction of frequency plan, the probabilities of the correct estimation of the radio navigation parameters with the given values of a random error of measurement of phase shifts ensuring increase are represented.

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