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   "Gyroscopy and Navigation" №4 (27), 1999


V.A.Apostolyuk, A.V.Zbrutsky Comparative analysis for characteristics of micromechanical gyros with sensor gyration and translation 3
  Abstract 9
R.L.Voskoboinikov, N.S.Ivanova, A.I.Kolpakov, M.G.Maksimov Motion control for the main axis of inertia for the free gyro rotor 10
  Abstract 22
A.D.Valko, I.D.Grudev, K.V.Ionov, Yu.N.Ionova Theoretical grounds for complex test method for serviceability in the orbit of two-degree-of-freedom gyro with electric spring 23
  Abstract 33
A.V.Chernodarov, V.V.Yenyutin A neuronet technology for navigation systems integration 34
  Abstract 47
Yu.N.Chelnokov Application of quaternions to space flight mechanics 47
  Abstract 66

Papers from the 6th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems

C.D. de Jong, N.F.Jonkman A permanent gps/GLONASS reference station in The Netherlands 67
  Abstract 83
E.A.Izmailov, M.M.Kolesnik, A.M.Žsipov, A.V.Akimov Hemispherical resonator gyro technology. Problems and possible ways of their solutions 83
  Abstract 96
V.A.Tupysev The synthesis of federated filters by analogy with transformation of electric circuits 97
  Abstract 108

Brief notes

Ye.A.Artyukhov Integral sphericity of nutating ellipsoid rotor 109
  Abstract 115
I.B.Vaisgant Selection of forced rotation speed for the inertial navigation system platform 116
  Abstract 120
V.I.Zarudniy, M.B.Rosenhaus Availability function of redundancy systems with different types of failures 121
  Abstract 126

Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
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Information report on the 8th General Meeting of the Academy 127

History pages

L.M.Solonenko Navigation Complex "Sozh" 129


O.A.Stepanov, M.B.Rosenhaus On the 14th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (on the congress materials) 139

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