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The materials of XXIII Conference in memory of N.N.Ostryakov

P l e n a r y    s e s s i o n
V.N.Branets, V.N.Platonov
Navigation and motion control system of the Russian segment of the International Space Station 13
V.P.Arefyev, V.I.Isaev, A.V.Sorokin, I.F.Shilov, I.N.Fridlyander, A.A.Kolpachev, ´.A.Setyukov, V.G. Gopienko, V.P.Cherepanov
Using high-siliceous aluminium-based powdered alloys in gyroscopic devices for rocket and space technology 21
Z.M.Berman, V.Ý.Kanushin, V.P.Mokhov, B.L.Sharygin, Yu.V.Mironov
Inertial navigation and stabilization system Ladoga-M: the development and test results 29
A b s t r a c t s

Session: Sensitive elements of navigation and control systems
S.G.Kucherkov, L.P.Nesenyuk, Yu.V.Shadrin, A.I.Panferov, V.K.Ponomarev, L.A.Severov Informational characteristics of a micromechanical vibratory gyro* 39
V.K.Ponomarev, A.I.Panferov, L.A.Severov Phase lock for the reference oscillator of a micromechanical gyro --
S.P.Timoshenkov, V.G.Rubchits, A.S.Neapolitansky, V.P.Doronin The results of experimental determination of natural frequencies and Q-factors of the oscillating system in micromechanical gyros** 40
V.P.Doronin, I.K.Khakimov, S.A.Kharlamov, B.V.Khromov, A.S.Neapolitansky "Coupling" and "cohesion" (according to L.I.Mandelshtam) of micromechanical gyro gimbal oscillations --
V.P.Doronin, B.V.Khromov, A.S.Neapolitansky The mathematical model of oscillation damping for a gimbal-type micromechanical vibratory gyro in the gaseous medium 41
D.P.Loukianov, I.Yu.Ladychuk, A.Ya.Maizelis, Yu.V.Filatov, M.M.Shevelko Microaccelerometers and microgyros based on surface acoustic waves* --
M.I.Evstifeev, A.A.Untilov The effect of technological errors on elastic characteristics of a micromechanical gyro suspension --
S.P.Timoshenkov, V.S.Pantuev, V.G.Rubchits, V.F.Shilov In-process monitoring of electromechanical parameters of a micromechanical gyro sensor 42
I.V.Popova, A.M.Lestev, A.A.Semenov, K.A.Zlotnikov, A.P.Karelin The estimation procedure for reliability of micromechanical inertial sensors 43
E.A.Izmailov The effect of film resistance on power impact regularity of the control electrode system of a hemispherical resonator gyro 43
N.V.Kalenova The effect of angular vibration on the operation of a hemispherical resonator gyro 44
N.G.Marchenko, S.A.Komarov Theoretical and computational investigation of nutation oscillation circular damper efficiency for a free gyro --
E.A.Yegorov, B.Ye.Landau, S.L.Levin, S.G.Romanenko, I.B.Chelpanov Identification of drift model coefficients for a strapdown electrically suspended gyro 45
S.S.Gurevich, V.I.Zavgorodniy, V.M.Kuzin, B.Ye.Landau, S.L.Levin, S.G.Romanenko Experimental estimation of ESG characteristics for space systems in ground tests* --
S.M.Dygurov B.E.Landau, S.G.Romanenko The noise model of the ESG readout system based on the test results* --
Yu.A.Gollandtsev, N.S.Ivanova Design features of a multifunctional electromechanical device for a strapdown electrostatic gyro 46
A.A.Galaktionov Ways of increasing accuracy for indirect thermostabilization of a gyro in the gimbal suspension* --
E.A.Izmailov The disturbance analysis for a spatial magnetic-resonance suspension 47
O.L.Mumin, V.V.Sumarokov, B.V.Dudnitsin, A.I.Topchiy A magnetic spherical three-axis accelerometer with the digital output** --
V.N.Kuriatov A universal sensor unit on laser gyroscopes KM-4 49
V.E.Dzhashitov, V.M.Pankratov, V.E.Prilutskii, Yu.K.Pylaev, A.G.Gubanov Mathematical modeling of 3-D, nonuniform, nonstationary temperature fields of precision fiber-optic gyroscopes 50

Session: Gyroscopic systems
V.D.Dishel Increasing prelaunch alignment accuracy of inertial aids for an air-based launch vehicle using GLONASS/GPS signals and special aircraft maneuvers** 51
V.A.Anisimov, Yu.K.Zhbanov, B.S.Zilberman, G.V.Popov Rapid compassing on a fixed base* --
Yu.G.Antonov, N.A.Kuroedov, B.K.Suchkov Limitation of angular momentum in operation with gyro-force attitude system of Resurs-DK spacecraft 52
V.I.Rodionov, M.P.Filonov Two-axis gyroscopic stabilization and control systems --
V.I.Gorin, V.Ya.Raspopov A gyro device measuring two-component motion of ship models in experimental tanks 53
V.Z.Gusinsky, V.M.Lesyuchevsky, T.V.Paderina, D.O.Taranovsky A method of increasing correction efficiency for INS on free gyros, based on the data from a Kalman filter covariance channel --
A.F.Dyumin, V.V.Korabelshchikov, S.N.Platonov, D.M.Surinsky Increase of stellar monitoring accuracy for a strapdown inertial orientation system on an ESG** 54
E.I.Somov The dynamics of precise gyro-force control for ground survey spacecrafts --
E.I.Somov Control of force gyro complexes for spacecraft attitude systems 55
B.V.Griazev, D.M.Malyutin, V.V.Saveliev, V.A.Smirnov Investigation into dynamics of a two-axis stabilization and guidance system considering the influence of technological errors and the way of accuracy increase* 56
M.B.Bogdanov, V.V.Saveliev The influence of rate gyros non-identity on the accuracy of a strapdown orientation system 56
A.F.Dyumin, S.N.Egorov Observability of constant gyro drifts in an orbital gyrocompass * 57
N.I.Likholit, G.I.Mishchenko, O.I.Nesterenko, A.S.Ridila, A.V.Sholokhov A high-precision biplanar gyrostabilizer of the line of sight --
Session: Processing of navigation data and motion control

Navigation systems and simulators
Yu.V.Ivanov, R.V.Alaluev A unit for measuring the ship's heaving motions with parameter bootstrapping 58
A.P.Kolevatov Object-oriented approach to development of navigation systems 59
I.I.Nedzelsky The principles of planning professional training for operators of technical systems using simulators --
Yu.P.Belous, I.I.Nedzelsky,
Electronic simulator "Navigation plotting class" for professional training of navigators 60

Identification and diagnostics
A.V.Chernodarov, S.M.Gladkin Diagnosing and identification of navigation systems by flight data with fuzzy models of the state 61
V.A.Pogorelov, S.A.Gusarin Solving the problem of simultaneous identification and control of a gyrostabilized platform with a parametrically undefined drift model --
S.P.Dmitriev, N.V.Kolesov, A.V.Osipov Monitoring and diagnosing of data failures in navigation systems by multichoice filtering methods* --
A.E.Pelevin Identification of the ship's model parameters in the state space using the data from an inertial-satellite system 62
V.I.Zarudny, M.B.Rosenhaus The influence of incompleteness and uncertainty of monitoring systems on reliability of a nonredundant engineering system --
V.S.Skoblo Early classification of detected objects by an optical-electronic system 63

Processing of navigation data
Yu.S.Aleksandrov On integration of the system of differential equations for quaternions --
A.M.Rogachevsky Evaluation of methods available for debugging and checking systems of civil aircraft onboard equipment 64
O.A.Stepanov, D.A.Koshaev The experience in the development and application of general-purpose programs for simulation and filtering of navigation system errors using application packages* 65
N.V.Kolesov, R.V.Molchanov Construction of optimal pilotage schedules 66
V.V.Seregin, V.I.Yushchenko The usage of frequency measurements for implementation of the Cohen-method in the multi-aerial equipment of a GPS user --

Motion control
A.V.Nebylov Extremal test actions for motion control systems* 67
S.N.Vasiliev, E.I.Druzhinin, N.N.Maksimkin, V.A.Shelekhov, R.Yu.Shlaustas, N.A.Kuroedov, S.N.Platonov, B.K.Suchkov Development of programmed control of reorientation and scanning modes
for observation spacecrafts from a viewpoint of the system controllability
S.N.Vasiliev The theory of dynamorphism for controlled systems* 69
V.N.Pilishkin, A.M.Osikov The algorithm for aircraft motion control by generating solvable relations in real time 69

Session: On-board electronics and computing aids
V.D.Aksenenko, A.A.Belash, S.S.Gurevich, B.E.Landau An information-calculating complex for autonomous strapdown navigation and orientation systems based on electrostatic gyros* 71
P.P.Paramonov On the problem of evaluating the information content entered into the on-board digital computer --
V.M.Antimirov The problems of resource allocation in a control computer 72
N.A.Lukin The architectural synthesis of functionally oriented processors of mathematical functions as computation modules of future-technology on-board digital computers* 73
Yu.M.Matrosov, M.V.Tolmacheva The analysis of real-time operational system peculiarities 74
V.P.Buturlakin, D.A.Dunaev, A.P.Kolevatov, S.G.Nikolaev, I.V.Fedorov Using the unified Basic operating system for realization of algorithms of different navigation systems on the basis of a unified on-board computer --
G.A.Parr Management of the computational process in a strapdown inertial system using Kalman filter and multitasking real-time nucleus RTKernel --
S.A.Lukin, N.B.Leshchev The distributed firmware environment as a tool for development and implementation of control systems 75
V.E.Dzhashitov, V.M.Pankratov, Yu.K.Pylaev, A.G.Gubanov Mathematical simulation of three-dimensional inhomogeneous nonstationary temperature fields of microprocessor engineering facilities - PCBs and multifunctional programmed controllers * 76
V.Z.Kokotov Application of framed structures for on-board digital computers with high dissipation power* 77
V.Z.Kokotov The peculiarities of computer-aided design of projection wiring* 78
A.V.Lekomtsev The peculiarities in application of programmable micrologic integrated circuits in analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters for inertial navigation systems 79
S.G.Shestakov Application of the design system MAX+PLUS II for developing large-scale integrated circuits of master matrix chips --
A.V.Vavilov, A.V.Sokolov The peculiarities and prospects for application of linear-type charge-coupled devices 80
V.F.Savik, D.O.Kuchmezov,
Prospects for application of GaAs/AlGaAs matrices with quantum wells and microbolometric matrices in thermal imaging channels of marine-based optical-electronic systems* --

Session: Metrology in navigation and motion control:
methods and procedures sed to provide uniformity of measurements
A.E. Sinelnikov, V.N. Kudriavtsev, V.M.Plyutinsky, Yu.V. Filatov, D.P. Loukianov, P.A. Pavlov New standard machines for generation of linear accelerations in the range up to 1 g and variable plane angles 81
M.D. Kudriavtsev The principles of the local master form design and enterprise accuracy chart forming in the field of plane angle measurements --
M.D. Kudriavtsev Classification and calibration principles of step circular scales 82
V.A. Granovsky, O.B. Basun, V.N.Ostrovsky, T.N.Siraya, A.P.Sukharev Metrological support of the development: statement of the problem, the solution methods** 83
A.S.Katkov, I.V.Korotkova A system to support the uniformity of direct voltage and EMF measurements 84
B.Ya.Litvinov A system to support the uniformity of direct voltage resistance measurements including possibilities of verification and calibration 85
B.S.Konovalov, S.F.Konovalov, A.V.Kuleshov, N.A.Nosov, D.V.Mayorov, V.P.Podchezertsev, A.V.Polynkov, A.G.Sidorov, V.V.Fateyev Benches for static and dynamic tests of vibratory gyros* --
Ya.N.Bershtam, D.A.Serpinsky, E.D.Shevtsova The experience in designing a test bench for simulation of sea motion on the basis of computer-controlled digital servo drives* 86
Ya.V.Belyaev, N.V.Moiseyev, D.A.Utkin A microdisplacement test bench for studying MMG units 87
A.I.Skalon, M.A.Shugaev Metrological models for micromechanical sensors of initial information for navigation and motion control systems 88
A.I.Skalon, L.A.Chertkov Development of a metrological model and techniques for processing the results of fiber-optic gyro and accelerometer measurements 89
S.G.Kucherkov, D.I.Lychev, A.I.Skalon, L.A.Chertkov The use of Allan variations in investigating characteristics of a micromechanical gyro on the rotary test bench** --
B.I.Golubchin, Yu.A.Litmanovich, A.V.Solovyov Selecting the factor of the less significant digit of the code in amplitude quantization of the sensor (meter) output data 90
V.A.Granovsky, T.N.Siraya Evaluation of measurement quality characteristics: the system approach 91
T.N.Siraya The methods of function spaces with reproducing kernels in the tasks of measuring data processing * --
S.Yu.Revuka, Yu.V.Khamitova Selection of virtual measuring instruments for monitoring the feedback signal transformation unit of a gearless servo system** 92

Session: Elements, automated and power supply systems for navigation complexes
M.N.Burnashev, D.P.Loukianov, A.V.Mironov, Yu.V.Filatov, V.D.Aksenenko, I.E.Gutner, O.K.Epifanov Investigation into accuracy characteristics of the unit converting the digital angle value to a propulsion motor control signal* 93
V.D.Aksenenko, O.K.Epifanov Increasing accuracy of digital angular motion transducers --
V.N.Narver, V.D.Prikhodko, V.I.Stotyka The results of investigation into an optical-electronic angle-data transmitter for a gradiometer sensor** 94
O.L.Mumin, V.N.Narver, V.D.Prikhodko, V.I.Stotyka Evaluation of the possibility to create a gyro rotor readout sensor using micro nonuniformities of its surface 95
I.E.Gutner, L.D.Zhuravlev, M.S.Chezhin Investigation into the influence of the residual torque and pulsations of a collector-free motor torque on the accuracy of a gyrostabilizer servo system --
I.E.Gutner, I.V.Sergachev, V.O.Nikiforov An active vibroprotection system: development, synthesis of control algorithms and experimental results* 96
A.G.Mikerov, D.V.Samokhvalov Improvement of the thyratron motor performance by applying digital correction** --
I.E.Gutner, V.P.Ugarov,
Yu.V.Tsvetkov, M.Yu.Chesnokov
Up-to-date principles of designing uninterruptible power systems and devices for navigation complexes 97
N.I.Tsyganok, S.S.Glebov, A.I.Zhulikov, V.K.Zolnikov On the problem of development state and prospects for creating a base of components for power electronics at the JSC "VZPP" --
O.K.Epifanov, A.B.Oskin A state-of-the-art series of high-torque motors for gearless servo systems: the results of development and manufacture** 99
V.A.Afanasiev, Yu.A.Gollandtsev, I.E.Gutner, A.A.Kalyagin The experience in the development of thyratron inductor-jet engines for positional servo systems 99
O.K.Epifanov, A.B.Oskin, I.A.Salova The calculated research and experimental determination of thermal condition of DC torque motors in starting regime 100

Materials of the 9th St. Petersburg International Conference
on Integrated Navigation Systems

F. Napolitano, T. Gaiff┼,
Y. Cottreau, T. Loret

The First High Performances Inertial Navigation System Based on Fibre Optic Gyroscopes 101
S.P. Kryukov, G.I. Chesnokov,
V.A. Troitskiy

Experience in Developing and Certifying a Strapdown Inertial Navigation System for Civil Aviation and Creating on Its Basis Modified Systems for Controlling Marine, Ground-Based and Aerospace Objects and Solving Geodetic and Gravimetry Problems 115

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
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Development of an upper block level system for automated control of A-plant engineering process 125
G.V.Antsev, V.A.Sarychev, V.A.Tupikov, L.S.Turnetskiy
Control systems for flying robots 131
14th General meeting of the Academy of navigation and motion Control                   143    


A.V.Nebylov The 15th IFAC World Congress 145
O.A.Stepanov The 4th Asian Control Conference 147
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I.I.Nedzelsky       "Marine navigation simulators: problems of choice"
P.G.Khimich           Review of the book by I.I.Nedzelsky "Marine navigation simulators: problems of choice"
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