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..Stepanov Linear Optimal Algorithm for Nonlinear Navigation Problems 11
The nonlinear problems of navigational data processing, the essence of which consists in estimation of time invariant vector, are considered. In the framework of Bayesian approach a linear optimal (minimum variance) algorithm is suggested. Such algorithm minimizes the root mean square criterion using linear (relative measurements) estimates. The peculiarities of the algorithm and its interrelation with the algorithm based on linearization are discussed. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is shown.
V.M.Slyusar (KPI, Ukraine) Current Issues of Designing SINS Attitude Algorithms. Part 3. Algorithms Analysis and Synthesis with Account for Gyros Frequency Response Effect 21
The paper develops the mathematical basis and techniques for deriving attitude algorithms, which are tailored to the frequency response of any type of gyros used. The results presented in the paper make it possible the following algorithm design problems to be treated: (1) to estimate attitude vibrational errors when gyros exhibit complex frequency responses; (2) to prove and specify gyros characteristics when developing new SINS; (3) to account for a known gyro function in the derivation of the algorithm coefficients; (4) to clarify and overcome the main practical limitations involved in such an algorithm design. The results of algorithm errors simulation are presented which support the conclusion that problems of algorithm dynamical tuning are of great importance.
V.Z.Gusinsky, O.I.Parfenov Dual Autocompensation of ESG Drift 37
Dry friction moments in gimbal axes are among the drift sources of electrically suspended gyroscopes mounted into the gimbal. They result in errors of gimbal servo systems (rotor and housing axis misalignment) and therefore in rotor drifts being also the drift source of such ESG as error torques related to such a misalignment always exist in real gyros.The paper offers a method for autocompensation of the moments acting on ESG mounted into the gimbal. It consists in mounting of optical angular sensor following the rotor position, inclined at a calculated angle, in the gyro housing rotating around its axis. This adds coning motion to the housing rotation.The method does not require any additional mechanical devices. Such a dual autocompensation at the same time modulates the housing moments both related and unrelated to the gyro rotor and housing axis misalignment. Deduction of expression for calculation of rotor and housing axis misalignment angle is given, namely: A > Omega/w, where A is a misalignment angle, Omega - earth rotation rate, w the gyro rate.
S.V.Smolentsev Positioning the Mobile Users of GSM Cellular Networks 41
Review of various methods for determination of mobile telephone subscriber coordinates in GSM networks is given. Coordinates determination principles are considered, examples of service realization in present GSM networks are given, problems and prospects of such systems development are shown.
V.N.Tarasov Hysteresis Synchronuous Motors of Precision Gyroscopes 54
Results of using ac electronic motor and hysteresis-reluctance motor in precision gyroscopic devices are compared in relative units with the help of control algorithms designed. It is demonstrated that with comparison in relative units of gyroscopic device drift changes at power supply interruption the results obtained are practically the same for both driving gear types.
V.E.Dzhashitov, V.M.Pankratov (Precision Mechanics and Control Institute, RAS, Saratov) Choice of Parameters of Elastic Curvilinear Conductors for Aerospace Sensors on the Basis of Definition of Their Natural Oscillations Frequency 66
In many classes of modern sensors of air and space instrument-making (extrasmall pressure sensors, floated-type and micromechanical gyroscopes and others) methods of thin-film technology are reshaped bridge measuring circuits. The elastic bonding contact pads of these schemes paired to contacts of a body by elastic conductors. These conductors have the composite curvilinear form, and the design of such measuring circuit represents a dynamic oscillating system with distributed parameters. Object of research - developed in Research institute of physical measurements from Penza, firm "Korpus" from Saratov, Central Scientific and Research Institute "Elektropribor" from St. Petersburg and other firms, the sensors of air and space instrument making operating in conditions of vibrational effects, and in designs which one are contained considered dynamic oscillating systems.
The purposes of work are:
1. Construction and research of mathematical models for calculation of natural frequencies (and control by them) curvilinear conductors of sensors of air and space instrument-making.
2. Choice, on the basis of knowledge of natural frequencies, parameters of conductors ensuring in conditions of external vibrations, drift from resonant modes and, there by, allowing to avoid destruction of a measuring circuit of sensors. Mathematical model (1) (28) is constructed, (fig. 1, 2) and algorithms are developed for calculation of natural oscillations frequency of considered dynamic oscillatory system with curvilinear elastic conductors. The supporting software is developed for realization of the constructed mathematical model and algorithms, allowing is automated to solve tasks in view.
On the basis of constructed model (1) (28) and the developed general technique, calculations of natural oscillations frequency of curvilinear gold conductors of a variable and constant curvature (fig. 3, 4 and the table) when the ends of conductors base (fig. 2) on the elastic bases a membrane and pressure seal are made.
The opportunity of the decision of problems of calculation and the analysis of natural oscillations frequency of considered dynamic oscillatory systems as functions of geometrical and physical parameters and characteristics of these systems is shown.
The opportunity of the decision and return problems, for example, problems of a choice of geometrical parameters of the oscillatory system providing set natural oscillations frequency is shown.
1st Russian Multiconference on Control Problems 78
25th Conference in memory of N.N.Ostryakov
Abstracts of the papers
Session Sensors of Navigation and Control Systems
M.A.Barulina, V.E.Dzhashitov, V.M.Pankratov, M.A.Kalinin, ..Papko Complex Mathematical Finite Element Model for a Micromechanical Accelerometer with Account for Temperature and Dynamic Effects 80
.I.Evstifeev Elastic Suspensions of Inertial Bodies in Precision Devices 81
..Andreeva, S.V.Bagaeva, Ya.A.Nekrasov, Ya.V.Beliaev Quadrature Interference Suppression in Micromechanical Gyroscope Using the Electrodes above the Fingers Area 81
V.D.Aksenenko, S.I.Matveev, Yu.V.Shadrin Features of Digital Signals Processing in Micromechanical Gyro 82
V..Achildiev, V.N.Drofa, V.M.Rublev Application of Measurement Units Based on Micromechanical Sensors 82
R.L.Voskoboinikov Three-Axes Gyromotor - Gyroscope on Autoexcited Rotating Electromagnetic Fields 83
A.G.Tscherbak, S.N.Beliaev, .S.Udovikov Microflow Processes Control during Welding of Gyrodevices' Precision Units 83
V.G.Peshekhonov, B.Ye.Landau ESG-based Strapdown Attitude System for Low-Orbit Spacecraft 83
.P.Buravlev, V.M.Kuzin Theoretical and Experimental Study of Power and Accuracy Parameters of Gimballess ESG Suspension 83
..Belash, P.Yu.Petrov, D.V.Trunov ESG Rotor Run-Up Digital Unit: Development and Tests Results 84
S..Dyugurov, B.E.Landau, T.V.Panich Dynamic Referencing for ESG Body Frames in Spacecraft Attitude Strapdown Inertial System 84
S.F.Konovalov, .L.Mezhirizky Force-Rebalanced Accelerometer Designed to Measure Accelerations up to 100 g 85
G..Pankratov, V.N.Kitaev, M.V.Mikhailov, V.N.Perebatov, V.G.Vorobiov Vibrating Accelerometer with Metal Sensing Element 85
S..Vasukov, G.F.Drobyshev Mathematical Model of a Cylindrical Electrostatic Suspension as a System of Charged Conductors 85
S..Vasukov, G.F.Drobyshev Experimental Method to Determine Hydrodynamic Parameters of Floating Pendulous Accelerometer with Electrostatic Suspension 86
V.Z.Gusinsky, O.I.Parfenov Drift Autocompensation for ESG Mounted in the Gymbal 86
S.V.Kruze, S.N.Lepe, .V.Molchanov, Ye.F.Polikovsky Calibration of Laser Gyros' Triad 87
Yu.Yu. Broslavets, M.A.Georgieva, ..Fomichev Lock-in in Laser Gyroscope under Transverse Higher Order Modes Generation 87
.V.Molchanov, .Yu.Stepanov, M.V.Chirkin Selection of Mirror Substrates for Optical Resonators of Laser Gyros 88
Ye.V.Korotitsky, .V.Romanov, D..Romanov Gyrocompass -1 88
Session Gyroscopic Systems
Yu.N.Artemenko, Yu.G.Egorov, ..Parshchikov, S.V.Smirnov Inertial Attitude System of Radio Telescope Mirror System 89
V.P.Golikov, S.V.Larionov, .V.Trebukhov, Yu.V.Bolotin, V.V.Tikhomirov, S.A.Trubnikov Gimballed INS Calibration Algorithms 89
V.P.Golikov, S.V.Larionov, .V.Trebukhov, ..Golovan Results of Gimballed INS Full-Scale Initial Alignment Tests on Mobile Platform Using Data from the Ship Complex 90
.P.Kolevatov, S.G.Nikolaev, Yu.A.Dolgusheva, N.V.Malgin Two-Mode AHRS on Three-Component FOG: Algorithmic Compensation of Errors Caused by Thermal Gradient 90
S.G.Nikolaev SINS Calibration Using the System Error Model 90
Ya.I.Binder Increasing the Angular Position Accuracy for the Boreholes of Random Orientation in DG Mode 91
A.V.Zamorsky Means of Initial Orientation in Azimuth for Land Mobile Objects 91
V..Pogorelov, .V.Klodina On Initial Orientation of Unslaved Gyrostabilized Platform 91
L.D.Silayev, Ye.F.Komarov, .N.Nikiforova Mathematical Error Model for Gyrostabilized Platform for ISN 92
V..Nikiforov, Yu.V.Trunov, V.A.Nemkevich, .I.Sapozhnikov, .V.Naumenko Terminal Control of Gyrostasbilized Platform Motion by Solution of Inverse Dynamics Problem 92
Ye.I.Somov Local Dynamic Parameters of Gyrodin Systems with Account for Elasticity of Gyrodin Structure Their Fixation on the Spacecraft Body 93
Session Navigation Data Processing and Motion Control
Inertial Satellite Systems
..Fomichev, .B.Kolchev, .Yu.Schastlivets, P.V.Larionov, V.B.Uspensky On Efficient Assessment of Motion Parameters Primary Errors in Integrated Inertial-Satellite Navigation System 93
.B.Bogdanov, .V.Prohortsov, V.V.Savelyev, B.V.Suhinin, ..Chepurin Ways to Determine Attitude Parameters Using Satellite Navigation Systems 94
Nonlinear Data Processing
V..Merkulov, .I.Naumov Estimating the Coordinates Correction Error by Search Algorithm for Correlation-Extreme Navigation 94
..Stepanov, .B.Toropov Application of Suboptimal Kalman Type Algorithms to a Class of Nonlinear Problems. Efficiency Comparison 95
..Stepanov, .S.Amosov Efficiency Investigation of Neural Networks and Monte-Carlo Method for Nonlinear Navigation Problems 95
Identification, Control and Diagnostics
S.P.Dmitriev, .V.Osipov, D..Koshaev Detection and Elimination of Informational Failures Effects in Navigation Systems 96
T.V.Podladchikova Noise Statistic Parameters Identification in Designing Navigation Filters Using Data from Dissimilar Measurement Information Sources 96
.V.Osipov Fuzzy Logic in Navigation Data Processing 97
.Ye.Kostyaev, V.V.Savitsky, N.Yu.Tikhomirov Optimal Algorithm for Data Secondary Processing in Short-Range Sonar Mode with Account for the Probing Beam Scanning 97
.B.Rosenhaus A Method to Estimate Results of Navigation Complexes Diagnostics Using Fuzzy Measure 98
Special Data Processing and Control
.Ye.Gorodetsky, V.V.Dubarenko, .Yu.Kuchmin Gyroscopic Guide in Radiotelescope Guidance System 99
B.V.Griasev, V.V.Savelyev, V.A.Smirnov Errors in LOS Stabilization and Guidance System Caused by the Platform Linear Displacement and Method for Their Compensation 100
S.Ye.Somov Dynamics of Initial Modes of Elastic Geostationary Satellite with Pulse-Width Control for Motors and Rotor Run-Up in Moment Gyroscopic Stabilizer 100
I.Ye.Gutner, L.D.Zhuravlev, Ye.N.Zvorykin, ..Molochnikov, .V.Orlov Generation Algorithm for Current Glide Slope Angle Relative to the Aircraft Carrier Deck to Be Commanded to Stabilization Drive 100
Yu..Sazykin, ..Barabanov, L.P.Barabanova Methods and Algorithms of Topographic Referencing 101
..Boronakhin, V.I.Gupalov, N.S.Filipenia Inertial Methods and Means for Rail Track Diagnostics 102
S.Yu.Yermakov, .S.Smirnov Solving the Navigation Tasks Using Standard Acoustic Antennas of Submarine Sonar Complex 102
.S.Vinogradov Analytical Expression for Gradient Computation Using the Maximum Abscissas in the Object Broadband Noise Correlation Function Determined by Acoustic Signal Multipath Propagation in Water 103
Adaptive and Robust Methods
.P.Kurdiukov, ..Chaikovsky Software Support for Anisotropic Analysis and Synthesis Tasks 104
G..Bakan, .V.Sholokhov On Building the Robust Algorithm for Guaranteed Estimation of Linear Controlled System States 104
S..Brodsky, .V.Nebylov, .I.Panferov Parameters Control and Stabilization of Elastic Vibrations for Complex Objects and Structures 105
Ye.I.Somov Robust Digital Gyromoment Stabilization of Elastic Spacecraft Motion 105
Control Problems
S.N.Vasilyev, .V.Lakeev, N.N.Maksimkin Study of Dynamic Features for Formations and Systems with Variable Structures 106
.Ye.Barabanov, D.V.Romaev Helicopter Autopilot Using TV Observations 106
V.V.Baranov, S.S.Vladimirova, .S.Fursov Image Processing Methods in Real Time to Control the Mobile Robot 107
V.B.Uspensky Kinematic Models for Solid Body Rotation and Their Application to Navigation and Attitude Control 107
Ye.G.Zhanzherov, .R.Ziatdinov, I..Kashina Methods to Control Aeroballistic Aircraft Motion 107
Session Electronics and Computing Devices of Onboard systems
Computing Systems and Complexes: Organization Principles. Design Theory. Simulation
N.A.Lookin Optimization Synthesis of Function-Specific Processors' Architecture for Onboard Computation Systems: Theory and Application 108
N.V.Kolesov, .V.Tolmacheva Planning the Computation Process in Marine Navigation Complexes 109
.V.Tolmacheva Information System for Planning, Monitoring and Analysis of Computation Process in Navigation Complex 109
.V.Nebylov, .V.Samokish, K.D.Smolin, P..Sumbarov Using SIMULINK for Simulation of Onboard Computing Devices 110
D..Parashchenko, ..Shalyto, F.N.Tsarev Automata-Based Programming for Simulation of Group Motion Control of an UAV Class 110
Complexes, Systems and Units Hardware Support
I.V.Kruzhaev, Ya.V.Antimirov Small-Sized Onboard Control Computing Complex: Development and Application Results 111
V..Antimirov, V.V.Telitsyn Preparation for Pulse Action Tests of Complex Computing Systems 111
D.V.Aksenenko Systems Design for Digital Processing of ESG Signals 112
Ya.V.Antimirov, M.B.Trapeznikov, I.V.Kruzhaev Structure Optimization of Optical Correction Channel Subsystem 113
S.G.Shestakov, R.Ye.Lysak Development of Miniature Onboard Computer Resistant to Ionizing Radiation 113
M.G.Maksimov, .N.Shevchenko Computerized Adjusting and Control of ESG Embedded Thermostabilization System 113
Session Metrology in Navigation and Motion Control.
Traceability Methods and Means
S.B.Berkovich, N.I.Kotov, A.V.Sholokhov, V.A.Liventsev Periodically Corrected Land Navigation Systems: Estimating Data Adequacy with Account for External Data Induced Errors 114
A.S.Buravlev, S.B.Orlov, Yu.N.Kirilichenko, K.V.Krinkin Automated Test Bench for FOG Tests and Acceptance Inspection 115
N..Kaldymov, L.Ya.Kalihman, D.M.Kalihman, .V.Polushkin System Spektr Modernization and Development of Methods to Control Frequency and Gyromotors Vibration Levels Registration 115
K.V.Koreshkov, .V.Popov, .I.Skalon, L..Chertkov Study of Krechet Test Bench Characteristics in Dynamic Mode 116
K.V.Koreshkov, A.V.Popov, .I.Skalon, L..Chertkov Virtual Measuring Devices to Estimate Oscillation Test Bench Characteristics in Dynamic Mode 116
E.I.Tsvetkov Adaptive Measurements with Correction Applied 117
..Granovsky, .I.Skalon A MEMS Metrological Problem and Methodological Base for Its Solution 117
.B.Basun, M.D.Kudriavtsev, N.L.Yavorovskaya Object Modelling to Ensure Monitoring of High-Precision Parts of Navigation Equipment during Their Manufacturing 118
V.V.Korchevsky Acoustic Emission to Control Dimensional Stability of Precision Devices 119
V.N.Ostrovsky, .N.Siraya, N.L.Yavorovskaya Metrological Assurance for Product Quality: Process Approach 119
.M.Barabash, .V.Belov, V.V.Vasilyev, V..Granovsky, .N.Siraya Analysis of Experimental Data Obtained during Tests of Appassionata type NC to Compare and Explain Methods for NC Accuracy Control 120

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