Chekan-AM Shelf modification. Mobile gravimeter

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The system is an advanced series-produced mobile gravimeter Chekan-AM with improved accuracy and performance characteristics. Intended for high-precision gravity measurements for gas and oil fields investigation on shelf and regional aircraft survey.

RMS error 0.4 mGal
0.4 mGal 500 Gal
Operating temperature 5 – 35°С
Power consumption 270 W
Interface RS-232, WiFi
Overall dimensions ø 390 × 646 mm
Weight 78 kg

is designed to comply with the Windows operating systems. The real-time data acquisition program provides for reception and recording of readings from the gravity sensor, the gyro stabilization system, and navigation data from GPS receiver. The software for postprocessing of gravity data provides both quality control of measurement results aboard vessels or aircraft and postprocessing of survey data.

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