State Research Center of the Russian Federation
Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC

29 - 31 May 2017,
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Instruction on Paper Abstracts Submission
via the system «CoMS-ELEKTROPRIBOR»

1. Visit the site of the Conference Management System «CoMS-ELEKTROPRIBOR»:

2. If you submitted (!) your paper to the conferences held by Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC in the last years and are registered in the Conference Management System, to enter the system:

  • use your PIN and Password.
  • If you forgot your PIN or/and Password, retrieve it/them through the system using link Forgot password?
  • 3. Register in the system if you did not register your paper/abstract for the conferences held by Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC in 2013-2016 and are NOT registered in the System:

  • Using the link «New user» go to page «New User»,
  • Fill in the fields of the Registration Form offered to you,
  • Get acquainted with the conditions of the End User License Agreement,
  • Confirm, if so, that you have got acquainted with the End User License Agreement and accept its conditions,
  • Press button «Register», to get your PIN to enter the System. You will be notified of your registration in the System by E-MAIL.

  • to secure your PIN and Password confidence, please indicate your E-MAIL address correctly (the system e-mails all the messages to its users at the E-mail addresses indicated by them at registration).

    4. From the list of events select the conference to the Organizing Committee of which you wish to submit your paper abstract:

    24th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (24 ICINS2017)

    5. Enter your Virtual Office, to create and submit your paper abstract.

    6. On Main page you will see the list of actions available. Get acquainted with them.

    7. Using the link «My papers» go to page «My papers»

    8. Press button «Create new abstract/paper».

    9. Fill in the fields: «Text», «Keywords» and «Authors».

    10. After completion of fields Text, Keywords and data of all the Authors save your abstract/paper by pressing button “Save as abstract/paper
    The paper number (N) will be assigned by the system to your abstract/paper, and it will appear in your List of abstracts/papers

    11. Press tab «FILES» and upload file of your paper abstract.
    ATTENTION! The content of field «Text» of the abstract and the text of the uploaded file of the abstract should be the same!

    12. Good luck!

    We look forward to your paper abstract submission!

    Entrance to the site of CoMS-ELEKTROPRIBOR system

    In case of any problems or questions regarding CoMS-Elektropribor system and the 24 ICINS2017 website please contact Ms. Nelly Psiurock, the Administrator of the website and the system,
    by E-mail:

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