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Optimal and Adaptive Methods of Sonar Signal Processing.

G.S. Malyshkin.
Vol 1. Optimal methods. Published in 2009
Vol 2. Adaptive methods. Published in 2010

    Price: 480 RUR per volume.

The book comprising two volumes considers a wide range of problems related to analysis and synthesis of sonar systems.
Vol. 1 covers optimal processing methods with known signal and noise correlation matrices. It serves as an introduction to the study of intensively developing adaptive processing of sonar signals, which enhances reliability and accuracy of environment assessment.
Vol. 2 details classical (both adaptive and non-adaptive) algorithms such as Bartlett, Capon, Borgotti-Lagunas algorithms, and basic noise, linear prediction, minimum norm, projection algorithms as applied to hydroacoustics.


Volume 1

Introduction 7
Chapter 1. Theoretical description and typical models of partially coherent sonar signals and fields 11
Chapter 2. Physical factors affecting the models of sonar signals in marine environment 91
Chapter 3. Optimal detection and measurement of sonar signal parameters205
Chapter 4. Digital processing and frequency-wave interpretation of optimum signal detection 308
Volume 2

Introduction 7
Chapter 5. Adaptive methods of optimal space filtering and space-time information processing 12
Chapter 6. Noise immunity estimation for optimal and adaptive systems 256
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