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"Гироскопия и навигация" (Gyroskopiya i Navigatsiya)

(ISSN 2075-0927 - Online, ISSN 0869-7035 - Print)
Editor-in-chief: academician of RAS V.G. Peshekhonov



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Alekseev S.Yu., M.V. Chirkin, V.Yu. Mishin, D.A. Morozov, M.V. Borisov, A.V. Molchanov, M.А. ZakharovMethod of lock-in threshold measurement in manufacture and operation of ring lasers
2      75
Ancev I.G., S.V. Bogoslovsky, G.A. SapozhnikovMirror Topology for Differential SAW Sensor
4      35
Binder Ya.I., A.E. Eliseenkov, A.S. Lysenko, V.G. Rozentsvein, V.M. Denisov, and D.A. SokolovMEMS-based mobile inclinometric station for trajectory survey of grouped wellbores
1      95
Binder Ya.I., B.A. Blazhnov, G.I. Yemelyantsev, D.A. Koshaev, L.P. Staroseltsev, O.A. StepanovOpportunity analysis for the azimuth alignment of downhole gyroinclinometers in high latitudes
3      14
Bogdanov M.B.Results from AIST-350T IMU mechanical tests
4      84
Bordachev D.A., I.E. Shustov, B.A. KazakovRate gyro with two-speed measurement system
2      112
Bouyer P.The centenary of Sagnac effect and its applications: from electromagnetic to matter waves
4      3
Chattara j S., A. Mukherjee, S.K. ChaudhuriTransfer alignment problem: algorithms and design issues
3      33
Chumankin E.A.Development and test results of angular rate sensor based on hemispherical resonator gyroscope
2      104
Davidson P. and J. TakalaAlgorithm for pedestrian navigation combining IMU measurements and gait models
1      86
Dvorkin V.V., S.N. KarutinGlobal measuring stations network design principles for precise navigation and timing service for GLONASS users
2      3
Dzhashitov E., V.M. Pankratov, A.V. Golikov, S.G. Nikolaev, A.P. Kolevatov, A.D. Plotnikov, and K.V. KofferHierarchical thermal models of strapdown inertial navigation system with fogs and accelerometers
1      49
Dzhashitov V.E., V.M. PankratovApplication of elementary balances method for the analysis and synthesis of the thermal control system based on Peltier’s modules for SINS on FOG
2      84
Evstifeev M.I.and I.B. ChelpanovProviding the mechanical stability of MEMS gyros
1      119
Firsov S.N.Designing a fault-tolerant system of motion parameter sensors within a stabilization and orientation system
4      72
Gryazin D.G., M.D. KudryavtsevСomparing dynamic characteristics of two similar-accuracy angle-measuring instruments used in navigation equipment testing
4      94
Gryazin D.G., M.D. Kudryavtsvev, N.L. Yavorovskaya, K.N. Usachev, D. Rames, F. Bellon, J. PerdriatTest results for C40-ST-09 centrifuge by Actidyn Systemes
2      119
Jeanroy A., A. Bouvet, G. RemillieuxHRG and Marine Applications
4      24
Kapitanyuk Yu.A., S.A. ChepinskyControl of the mobile robot motion along a predetermined piecewise smooth path
2      42
Koneshov V.N., V.B. Nepoklonov, R.A. Sermiagin, and E.A. LidovskayaModern global models of the Earth gravity field and their errors
1      107
Konovalov S.F., V.P. PodchezertsevInertial measurements of driving pile displacements
4      14
Koshaev D.A.Heading determination by phase GNSS measurements under satellite restricted visibility in static case
1      64
Krasilshchikov M.N., D.A. Kozorez, K.I. Sypalo, O.F. Samarin, V.Yu. SavostyanovHigh accuracy positioning of phase center of multifunction airborne radar antenna
2      14
Krobka N.I.Estimating quantum limits on SINS accuracy based on accurate error equations
4      46
Lobanov V.S., N.V. Tarasenko, D.N. Shulga, V.N. Zboroshenko, B.B. BeliaevPerspective stellar-inertial control systems for astrophysical space vehicles
3      72
Loparev A.V., O.A. Stepanov, V.I. KulakovaApproximate solution to robust filtering problem using the method of PSD local approximations
3      85
Lyubimov V.V., V.I. Malyshev, N.D. SyomkinControl of a small satellite orientation with due regard to failures in the discharging system of the flywheel kinematic momenta
2      31
Konson A.D., N.V. Kulagina, V.G. Timoshenkov, A.A. YanpolskayaMethod of depth determination using multibeam echosounder under unknown sound speed profile
2      53
Mikhailov N.V., V.V. ChistyakovSearch for GNSS signals in space-based receivers. Part 1. Combined search
4      60
Mikhailov N.V., S.S. Pospelov, D.E. Yudakin, and P.V. GlushkovPrecomputation of GNSS message modulating sequence
1      79
Paturel Y., J. Honthaas, H. Lefevre, F. NapolitanoOne nautical mile per month FOG Based strapdown inertial navigation system: a dream already within reach?
3      3
Qin Yueming, Zhiguo Cao, Hansong Li, Xiaojing Wang, Wen ZhuoBuilding localization from forward-looking infrared images for UAV guidance
3      59
Shcherbinin V.V., G.B. Kvetkin, A.V. Sviyazov, and V.B. AndrienkoNavigation support of UAV automated landing system
1      19
Somov E.I.Analysis of singular states and synthesis of explicit tuning laws of gyro moment clusters with multiple schemes
1      134
Vahitov T.N., A.B. Kolchev, K.Yu. Schastlivets, V.B. Uspensky, P.V. Larionov, and A.A. FomitchevNSI-2000MTG integrated navigation system
1      34
Vorsmann P., C. Kaschwich, T. Kruger, P. Schnetter, and C.-S. WilkensMEMS-based integrated navigation systems for adaptive flight control of unmanned aircraft – State of the art and future developments
1      3
Yevstifeyev M.I., A.S. Kovalyov, D.P. YeliseyevInvestigation of the electromechanical model of a R-R type MEMS Gyro with consideration of the base vibrations
3      24
Zlatkin Yu.М., А.N. Kalnoguz, V.G. Voronchenko, N.I. Lykholit, А.Yu. Vakhlakov, А.М. Sladky, V.М. SlyusarLaser SINS for Сyclone-4 launch vehicle
2      64

Avanesov G.A., R.V. Bessonov, A.N. Kurkina, M.B. Liudomirsky, I.S. Kayutin, N.E. YamshchikovAutonomous strapdown stellar-inertial navigation systems: design principles, operation modes and operating experience
3       91
Babich O.A.Studying cinematic of noncommutativity rotation in SINS orientation algorithms using axoid method
4       110

Materials of the 15th Conference of Young Scientists “Navigation and Motion Control”
Abstracts of the papers
2       125

Materials of the 20th Saint Petersburg International Conference
on Integrated Navigation Systems
Abstracts of the papers
3       111

History pages
Peshekhonov V.G.Leaders in the gyroscopy of our country
3       139

International Public Association
Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l   i n f o r m a t i o n
Branets V.N.Control and navigation in the problem of space debris disposal
3       155
Nebylov A.V.To the 100th anniversary of the birth of eminent scientists Boris Nikolaevich Petrov
1       149
Stepanov O.A.21st Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation
3       162
The 35th General Meeting of the International Public Association - Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
2       171
The 36th General Meeting of Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
4       121
Veremeenko K.K.Modern technologies in control, automation, and data processing
4       123

Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
1       145
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
2       175
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
3       167
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions
4       125

Abstracts of the published papers
1       157
Abstracts of the published papers
2       179
Abstracts of the published papers
3       172
Abstracts of the published papers
4       129

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