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"Гироскопия и навигация" (Gyroskopiya i Navigatsiya)

(ISSN 2075-0927 - Online, ISSN 0869-7035 - Print)
Editor-in-chief: academician of RAS V.G. Peshekhonov


Abdulrahim K., K. Seman, M. Othman, F. Masyitah Md Shuib, T. Moore, Ch. Hide, Ch.Hill
Magnetometer Heading Updates for Inertial Pedestrian Navigation System
1 50
Akhmetov R.N., G.P. Anshakov, A.I. Manturov, and V.I. Rublev
Solution of navigation problem by Resurs-P spacecraft motion control system
4 3
Basarab M.A., B.S. Lunin, V.A. Matveev, E.A. Chumankin
Static balancing of cylindrical resonators of solid-state wave gyroscopes
2 43
Binder Ya.I.
Constructing horizon trihedral in gyroscopic orientation systems used to aid navigation dead-reckoning. Part 1. Principle of gyroscopic orientation with corrected pendulum. Free gyro implementation
4 69
Deineka l.G., A.A. Makarenko, M. V. Mekhrengin. D.A. Egorov
The use of digital filters for processing of fiber-optic gyroscope output data
3 84
Emeliantsev G.J., Yu.A. Litmanovich. N.N. Moshkin
Improving informational autonomy of marine SINS
3 15
Emelyantsev G.I., B.A. Blazhnov, A.P. Stepanov
Attitude determination by INS-GNSS system using phase and magnetometer measurements for fast rotating objects
2 28
Evstifeev M.I., D.P. Eliseev, and I.B. Chelpanov
Improving mechanical resistance of MEMS gyros
4 56
Farah T., C. Guerlin, A. Landragin. Ph. Bouyer. S. Gaffel, F. Pereira Dos Santos, S. Merlet
Underground operation at best sensitivity of the mobile LNE-SYRTE cold atom gravimeter
3 3
Finkelstein M. and M. Rozengauz
On new optimal preventive maintenance strategies for navigation-information systems with penalties
4 121
Gorelov Yu. N., L.V. Kurganskaya, A.I. Manturov, A.V. Sollogub, and V.E. Yurin
On Optimization of Attitude Control Programs for Earth Remote Sensing Satellite
1 181
Kalaev M.P., V.V. Liubimov, N.D. Siomkin
Seminatural modeling and numerical simulation for the process of the small satellite separation
2 52
Kalantarov D., C. Search
Sensitivity limits of coupled resonator optical waveguide gyroscopes when subject to material losses
3 41
Karpik A.P., V.F. Kanushin, I.G. Ganagina, D.N. Goldobin, and E.M. Mazurova
Studies of spectral characteristics of CHAMP, GRAСE, and GOCE global gravity field models
4 34
Karpik A.P. and L.A. Lipatnikov
Joint use of high-precision positioning methods by GLONASS and GPS signals
4 45
Kebka K.G.l, A.G. Kebkal, V.K. Keblal
Synchronization tools of acoustic communication devices in control of underwater sensors, distributed antennas, and autonomous underwater vehicles
2 70
Khruslov V.N., S.V. Feofilov, O.V. Goryachev. l.M. Lavit. A.F. Indiiikhin
A method for the missile control by a scalar radius in the polar coordinate system
3 92
Kis L, B. Lantos
Development of state estimation system with INS, magnetometer and carrier phase GPS for vehicle navigation
2 13
Klimkovich B. V.
SINS calibration in inertial mode. Combination of speed and scalar methods
3 29
Koneshov V.N., V. B. Nepoklonov, V.N. Soloviov
Comparison of the global models for the terrestrial gravitational field anomaly with the aerogravimetric measurements during the transcontinental flight
2 86
Korkishko Yu.N., V.A. Fedorov, V.E. Prilutskiy, V.G. Ponomarev, I.V.Morev, S.F. Skripnikov, M.I. Khmelevskaya, A.S. Buravlev, S.M.Kostritskiy, I.V. Fedorov, A.I.Zuev, V.K.Varnakov
Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems Based on Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
1 14
Krasnov A.A., A.V.Cokolov, L.S.Elinson
A New Air-Sea Shelf Gravimeter of the Chekan Series
1 26
Kuznetsov A.G., B.I. Portnov, E.A. Izmailov
Development and tests of two classes of aircraft strapdown inertial navigation systems on laser gyros
2 3
Lestev A.M.
On combination resonances in dynamics of micromechanical gyroscopes
3 53
Using nonlinear functional analog-to-digital conversion for precision measurements of small electrical quantities in real time 4 131
Maslov A.A., D.A. Maslov, I.V. Merkuriev
Study of the stationary modes of gyro resonator oscillations under positional excitation and parametric excitation accompanying it
2 61
Meyer D., M. Larsen
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyro for Inertial Navigation
1 3
Mikhailov N.V., V.V. Chistyakov
Signal Search Methods for Space-Based GNSS Receivers. Part 2. Calculation of combined search parameters
1 70
Mikhaylov N.V. and Koshaev D.А.
Navigation of geostationary spacecraft using dynamic equations and periodical satellite measurements
4 16
Pelevin А.Е.
Identification of object model parameters under external disturbances
4 111
Popp M., R. Granacher, and G.F. Trommer
Automatic detection of complex shaped buildings in aerial images to support the navigation of micro aerial vehicles in urban environment
4 99
Rahmati S., K. Kianfar, A. A. Kalat
Gravity gradiometry positioning system based on neuro-fuzzy modeling
4 85
Severov L.A., V.K. Ponomarev, A.l. Panferov, N.A. Ovchinnikova
The structure and characteristics of a vibratory micromechanical rate sensor with the ring resonator
3 59
Skalon A.l.
Performance estimation of micromechanical inertial sensors based on self-oscillating systems
3 73
Sun Q. Li, F., F. Yu, W. Gao
The Use of Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System for Marine AHRS
1 62
Vitushkin L.F., O.A. Orlov
Absolute ballistic gravimeter ABG-VNIIM-1 by Mendeleev Research Institute for Metrology
2 95
Wankerl M., G. F. Trommer
Evaluation of a Segmented Navigation Filter Approach for Vehicle Self-Localization in Urban Environment
1 35

Materials of the 16th Conference of Young Scientists Navigation and Motion Control
Abstracts of the papers 2 102

Brief notes
Krasnov A.A., A.V.Cokolov, L.S.Elinson
Operational Experience with the Chekan-AM Gravimeter
1 98

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l   i n f o r m a t i o n
On the 80th birthday of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Prof. Vladimir G. Peshekhonov, President of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control, General Director of Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC 2 145
Rivkin B.S.
The European Navigation Conference ENC-GNSS 2014
2 151
The XXXVII General Meeting of the International Public Association - Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 2 149
The XXXVIII General Meeting of the International Public Association - Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 4 142

Pages of history
To the 100th anniversary of birthday of Admiral A.I. Rassokho 4 145

New books
Lukin N.A.
On the book Real-time systems. Planning, analysis, diagnostics by N.V. Kolesov, M.V. Tolmacheva, and P.V. Yukhta
4 147

Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 1 105
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 2 161
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Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 4 150

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