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Scientific and technical journal
"Гироскопия и навигация" (Gyroskopiya i Navigatsiya)

(ISSN 2075-0927 - Online, ISSN 0869-7035 - Print)
Editor-in-chief: academician of RAS V.G. Peshekhonov


Ardyukov D.G., E.N. Kalish, D.A. Nosov, I.S. Sizikov, M.G. Smirnov, Yu.F. Stus, V.Yu.Timofeev, R.G. Kulinich, and M.G. Valitov
Absolute gravity measurements at Shults Cape
3 13
Basarab М.А., B.S. Lunin, V.A. Matveev, Е.А. Chumankin
Balancing of HRG resonators by chemical etching
1 61
Bolotin Yu. V. and V. S. Vyazmin
Gravity anomaly estimation by airborne gravimetry data using LSE and minimax optimization and spherical wavelet expansion
3 82
Bordachev D.A., A.A. Volyntsev, P.A. Ilyushin, B.A. Kazakov, I.E. Shustov
Precision gyroscopic device for measuring spacecraft angular rate: ground verification results
4 106
Bukin A. G., A. S. Lychagov, R. N. Sadekov, O. A. Slavin
Machine vision hardware and software system for solving navigation problems of surface vehicles
2 58
Davidson P., M. Kirkko-Jaakkola, J. Collin, and J. Takala
Navigation algorithm combining building plans with autonomous sensor data
1 29
Derevyankin A. V., A. I. Matasov
On the terminating algorithm for the vehicle position determination by differences in measured pseudoranges
2 106
Evstifeev M.I., D.P. Eliseev, and I.B. Chelpanov
Improving mechanical resistance of MEMS gyros
4 56
Dovgobrod G.M.
Generation of smooth executive trajectory in real time
1 109
Dubrovin F.S. , A.F. Scherbatyuk
Study of the algorithms for the single beacon mobile navigation of unmanned underwater vehicles: results of simulation and sea trials
4 160
Dzyuba A. N. and A. V. Loparev
Time-varying correction algorithm of airborne gravimeter gyro vertical
3 52
Emel’yantsev G. I., B. A. Blazhnov, and A. P. Stepanov
Vertical deflection determination in high latitudes using precision IMU and two-antenna GNSS system
3 72
Evstifeev M.I., D.P. Eliseev, I.B. Chelpanov
MEMS RR-type gyro with a moving electrode
4 67
Emel’yantsev G.I., A.P. Stepanov, B.A. Blazhnov, and I.V. Semenov
Improving the accuracy of GPS compass for small sized vehicles
1 18
Forsberg R., A. V. Olesen, and I. Einarsson
Airborne gravimetry for geoid determination with Lacoste Romberg and Chekan-АМ gravimeters
3 19
Gorbachev О.А., V.T. Zalutskii, V.B. Ivanov, D.V. Khazanov, А.А. Kholmogorov
Estimating the quality of GEMTEC total electron content model in GNSS autonomous positioning
1 100
Izmailov E. A., S. E. Kukhtevich, V. V. Tikhomirov, D. V. Stafeev, A.V.Fomichev
Laser gyro drift component analysis
2 40
Karpik A. P, I. G. Ganagina, N. S. Kosarev, D. N. Goldobin
Transport accurate positioning navigation and information system using GLONASS groundbased infrastructure
2 47
Klimkovich B.V., A.M. Tolochko
Determination of time delays in sensor measurement channels during SINS calibration in inertial mode
4 55
Klimkovich B.V. and А.М. Tolochko
SINS calibration with account for size effect
1 81
Koshaev D. A.
Redundance and deficiency problems of GNSS measurements in special tasks of GNSS measurement processing
2 67
Krasnov A. A., A. V. Sokolov
The up-to-date mathematical software set for mobile gravimeter «Chekan-AM»
2 118
Kurbatov А.М.
New methods of improving FOGs with open and closed loops
1 43
Kutovoy V.M., O. I. Maslova, S. Yu. Perepelkina, A. A. Fedotov
Application of the Allan variance method to estimation of noise components of measuring channel
2 30
Liu Y.,T. Cai, H.Yang, C. Liu, J. Song, M. Yu
The pedestrian integrated navigation system with micro IMU/ GPS / magnetometer / barometric altimeter
4 29
Lobanov V. S., N.V. Tarasenko, V.N. Zboroshenko
The development directions of orientation and stabilization systems for space vehicles of various purposes
2 18
Maslov А.А., D.A. Maslov, and I.V. Merkur’ev
Nonlinear effects in dynamics of HRS resonator with electrostatic control system
1 71
Mkrtchyan A.R., N.I. Bashkeev, D.O. Yakimovskii, D.I. Akashev, and O.B. Yakovets
Powered gyrosystems: State of the art and development prospects
1 93
Popp M., S. Prophet, G. Scholz, G.F. Trommer
A novel guidance and navigation system for MAVs capable of autonomous collision-free entering of buildings
2 3
Refan M. H., A. Dameshghi, M. Kamarzarrin
Utilizing Hybrid Recurrent Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm for Predicting the Pseudo- Range Correction Factors to Improve the Accuracy of RTDGPS
2 92
Rivkin B.S.
Tenth Anniversary of E-Navigation
4 173
Rahmati S., K. Kianfar, A. A. Kalat
Gravity gradiometry positioning system based on neuro-fuzzy modeling
4 85
Romanenko S.G., G.I. Emelyantsev, B.E. Landau, S.L. Levin, A.A. Medvedkov
Efficiency of the case modulation rotation of the gimballess electrostatic gyro in polar orientation
4 91
Sarkar S., A. Bose
Studies on Solution Accuracy of GLONASS from India
4 117
Scholz G., G.F. Trommer
Model Based Control of a Quadrotor with Tiltable Rotors
4 131
Sizov V.P., V.A. Pogorelov, Yu.V. Vakhtin
Effect of rotation on parameters of elastic waves propagating in substrate of SAW-based solidstate gyros
4 77
Smoller Yu. L., S. Sh. Yurist, A. A. Golovan, and L. Yu. Yakushik
Using a multiantenna GPS receiver in the airborne gravimeter Gt-2A for surveys in polar areas
3 61
Sokolov A. V., A. A. Krasnov, V. A. Vasil’ev, L. S. Elinson, and L. K. Zheleznyak
Calibration of the Chekan-AM gravimeter by a tilting method
3 41
Stepanov A.P., G.I Emelyantsev, B.A. Blazhnov
Efficiency of IMU modulation rotations in a marine FOG-based SINS
4 42
Stepanov O. A. and A. B. Toropov
Nonlinear filtering for map-aided navigation. Part 1. An overview of algorithms
3 102
Stepanov O. A., D. A. Koshaev, and A. V. Motorin
Identification of gravity anomaly model parameters in airborne gravimetry problems using nonlinear filtering methods
3 95
Stepanov O.A., A.B.Toropov
Nonlinear filtering for map-aided navigation. Part 2. Development trends
4 147
Vitushkin L.F.
Absolute ballistic gravimeters
3 3
Wan W. g, Ch. Luo, Zh. Xue, D. Li, X. Xing, J. Ma, and H. Zhang
Progress in the development of laser strapdown airborne gravimeter in China
3 30
Zhao Y., M. Becker, D. Becker, and S. Leinen
Improving the Performance of Tightly-Coupled GPS/INS Navigation by Using Time- Differenced GPS-Carrier-Phase Measurements and Low-Cost MEMS IMU
1 3

Short communications
Koval A. V.
Simulation of Gravimetric Measurements by Gyroscopic Integrator of Linear Accelera
3 135
Sokolov A. V., A. A. Krasnov, L. P. Starosel’tsev, and A. N. Dzyuba
Development of a gyro stabilization system with fiber-optic gyroscopes for an air-sea gravimeter
3 126

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l   i n f o r m a t i o n
20th anniversary of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 2 132
XL General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 4 192
Information on the 17th Conference of Young Scientists Navigation and Motion Control 1 120
Information on the 39th General Meeting of the International Public Association – Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 1 120

Piche R.
International conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation
1 122
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 1 125
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 2 141
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 3 141
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 4 194
The 22nd Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems 2 136

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