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"Гироскопия и навигация" (Gyroskopiya i Navigatsiya)

(ISSN 2075-0927 - Online, ISSN 0869-7035 - Print)
Editor-in-chief: academician of RAS V.G. Peshekhonov


Aleinik A.S., I.G., Deineka, M.A.Smolovik, S.T. Neforosnyi, and A.V. Rupasov
Compensation of excess rin in fiber-optic gyro
2 20
Aleshechkin А. М. and V.V. Erokhin
Trajectory optimization of dynamically controlled objects in INS/GNSS integrated navigation system
2 3
Basarab M.A., V.A. Matveev, B.S. Lunin, and S.V. Fetisov
Influence of Nonuniform Thickness of the Hemispherical Resonator Gyro Shell on its Unbalance Parameters
4 14
Binder Ya.I.
Dead Reckoning Using Stabilized Directional Gyro on a Free Gyro with Equatorial Orientation
3 38
Denisov R.A., A.A. Maslov, D.A. Maslov, I.V. Merkur’ev, and V.V. Podalkov
Effect of reference voltage of electromagnetic control sensors on wave solid gyro drift
1 60
Davidson P., J.-P. Raunio, and R. Piche
Monicular Vision Based Range Estimation Supported by Proprioceptive Motion
4 98
Dovgobrod G.M.
Generation of Predefined Smooth Paths in Application of Coordinated Control Method
3 143
Egea-Roca D., G. Seco-Granados, and J.A. López-Salcedo
Comprehensive Overview of Quickest Detection Theory and Its Application to GNSS Threat Detection
4 76
Emel’yantsev G.I., B.A. Blazhnov, E.V. Dranitsyna, and A.P. Stepanov
Calibration of a precision SINS IMU and construction of IMU-bound orthogonal frame
1 36
Evstifeev M.I.
Onboard Gravity Gradiometers: Current State of Development
3 96
Filatov Yu.V., A.M. Boronakhin, V.B. Dao, V.Ch. Le, and L.N. Podgornaya
Studying the Static Errors of MEMS Accelerometer Triad in Quasiharmonic Oscillation Mode
4 35
Golikov A.V., V.M. Pankratov, and E.V. Pankratova
Рassive methods of enhancing thermal stability in nanostructured fiber-optic gyros
2 33
Gryazin D.G., L.P. Staroseltsev, O.O. Belova and A.N. Dzyuba
Inertial measurement unit of a waverider buoy. Development and test results
1 88
Jia Zh., Zh. Chen, P. Yu, and M. Lin
Relative positioning calibration method of phase center offsets of GPS signal antennas
2 68
Kachanov B.O., S.K. Akhmedova, N.A. Tuktarev, V.S. Kulabukhov, and D.V. Grishin
Adaptation of Pendulum Correction of an Airborne Strapdown Vertical Gyro to Aircraft Flight Conditions
4 25
Kanushin V.F., I.G. Ganagina, D.N. Goldobin, N.S. Kosarev, and A.M. Kosareva
Influence of regularization methods on accuracy of modern global geopotential models
2 77
Karpik А.P., L.A. Lipatnikov, and E.K. Lagutina
Prospective development of the russian geodetic reference network as a component part of the unified coordinate-time and navigation support system
2 87
Kebka K.G. l, V.K. Kebkal, A.G. Kebkal, and R. Petroccia
Experimental estimation of delivery success of navigation data packages transmitted via digital hydroacoustic communication channel
2 107
Kebkal K.G. and A.I. Mashoshin
Acoustic Positioning Methods of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
3 115
Klimkovich B.V. and А.М. Tolochko
Correction filter for mechanically dithered single-axis ring laser gyros
2 41
Koneshov V. N., V. B. Nepoklonov, and L. I. Avgustov
Estimating the navigation quality of the Earth’s anomalous gravity field
2 95
Koneshov V.N., M.I. Evstifeev, I.B. Chelpanov, and O.M. Yashnikova
Methods for Determining Deflections of the Vertical on a Moving Base
3 75
Kovář P.
piNAV L1 – GPS-Receiver for Small Satellites
4 112
Krobka N.I., S.A. Aksenov, S.A. Bober, E.V. Efremova, I. V. Logashina, A.V. Tukmakov, Yu.V. Fedorenko, and E.N. Chumachenko
Distributed integrated navigation systems for anti-asteroid planetary defense
1 155
Liu Y., S.H. Li, X. Xiao, and Q.W. Fu
INS-aided GNSS spoofing detection based on two antenna raw measurements
1 100
Lysenko A.S.
Operation algorithms and design of gyroinclinometer with longitudinal layout for vertical parts of wellbores
1 72
Maksimov V.N. and A.I. Chernomorskii
Integrated navigation and local mapping system for a single-axis wheeled module
1 116
Mazurova E.M., V.F. Kanushin, I.G. Ganagina, D.N. Goldobin, V.V. Bochkareva, N.S. Kosarev, and A.M. Kosareva
Results of constructing a global geoid model on the basis of one-dimensional spherical Fourier transformation algorithm
1 133
Mosavi M.R., M.J. Zandi, and A. Tabatabaei
Positioning Improvement by Combining GPS and GLONASS Based on Kalman Filter and Its Application in Spoofing Situations
3 14
Müller Ph., M. Raitoharju, S. Ali-Löytty, L. Wirola, and R. Piché
A survey of parametric fingerprint-positioning methods
1 3
Negri C., E. Labarre, C. Lignon, E. Brunstein, and E. Salaün
A new generation of IRS with innovative architecture based on HRG for satellite launch vehicles
1 49
Nekraso Ya.A. v, N.V. Moiseev, Ya.V. Belyaev, S.V. Pavlova, and R.G. Liukshonkov
Influence of translational vibrations, shocks and acoustic noise on MEMS gyro performance
2 56
Parameswara V.and G. Raju
Comparative Evaluation of IRNSS Performance with Special Reference to Positional Accuracy
4 59
Pelevin A.E.
Prediction of Ship Deck Inclination Angle
4 122
Popov E.N., K.A. Barantsev, A.N. Litvinov, A.S. Kuraptsev, S.P. Voskoboinikov, S.M. Ustinov, N.V. Larionov, L.B. Liokumovich, N.A. Ushakov, and A.N. Shevchenko
Frequency Line of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Quantum Rotation Sensor: Negative Effect of Detection Circuit
4 3
Rivkin B.S.
15th Wordl congress MAIN
2 123
Rybinskii V.O.
Optimizing a sampled-data submarine motion control system over a set of reduced order controllers
1 143
Shavrin V.V., V.I. Tislenko, A.S. Konakov, V. A. Filimonov, and A.P. Kravets
Quasioptimal Estimation of GNSS Signal Parameters in Coherent Reception Mode Using Sigma-point Kalman Filter Algorithm
3 126
Stepanov О.А., I.B. Chelpanov, and A.V. Motorin
Accuracy of Sensor Bias Estimation and its Relationship with Allan Variance
3 63
Tupysev V.A., N.D. Kruglova, and A.V. Motorin
Suboptimal Algorithms Identifying the Navigation Sensor Errors Described by Markov Process
3 55
Velikanova E.P., А.А. Gel’tser, Zh.T. Erdyneev, and N.V. Panokin
Analysis of the Accuracy Requirements for the Inertial Navigation System in Synthetic Aperture Radar
4 47
Wang J., A.Yu. Krasnov, Yu.A. Kapitanyuk, S.A. Chepinskiy, Y. Chen, and H. Liu
Path Following Control Algorithms Implemented in a Mobile Robot with Omni Wheels
3 131
Wu Q., J. Lai, Y. Qin, and J. Liu
MEMS Rotary Strapdown INS with Low-Resolution Rotary Encoder
3 3

Vaknin E. and I. Klein
Coarse Leveling of Gyro-free INS
1 173

International Public Association
The Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
O f f i c i a l   i n f o r m a t i o n
Rivkin B.S.
The Centenary of the Birth of S.S. Rivkin
3 152
The 42nd General Meeting of Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 4 133
XLI General Meeting of the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 2 144

New Books
On the book “Integrated INS/GNSS orientation and navigation systems” by G.I.Emel’yantsev and A.P.Stepanov 2 147

4th IAG Symposium on Terrestrial Gravimetry: Static and Mobile Measurements 2 149
Piché R.
The European Navigation Conference
3 157
Rivkin B.S.
Inertial Sensors and Systems 2016
4 139
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 1 183
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 2 157
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 3 159
Russian and international conferences, symposia and exhibitions 4 154
Stepanov О.А.
China International Conference on Inertial Technology and Navigation
4 149
The 42nd General Meeting of Academy of Navigation and Motion Control 4 133
The 9th Russian Multiconference on Control Problems (RMKPU–2016) 4 135

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